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Murdoch of the 'Titanic' :

Lieutenant William McMaster Murdoch
Royal Naval Reserve

'RMS Titanic', White Star Line

New Information from Ernest Robinson - 2nd February 1999

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This website was written to state the truth about Lieutenant William McMaster Murdoch, RNR. Information and editorial assistance came from the maritime historian, Mr. Ernest Robinson, and Samuel Scott Murdoch, the nephew of the First Officer of the RMS 'Titanic'. The writer has been reliably informed that there is no definite evidence stating that William Murdoch either killed others or that he took his own life. The corruption allegation in Cameron's film is agreed by scholars to be an invention.

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The recent release in the United Kingdom of the film 'Titanic' has yet again brought the actions of her crew under public scrutiny. Unfortunately, this has also perpetuated myths about the principal officers such as Captain Smith and his First Officer William McMaster Murdoch, Lieutenant RNR.The film has incorrectly portrayed Murdoch as having taken a bribe to let a man into a lifeboat, later shooting a passenger before committing suicide by shooting himself for being responsible for the collision.

In fact, First Officer Murdoch took action to try to avert the collision, and to assist with the safe embarkation of passengers in the lifeboats. This was witnessed by Charles Herbert Lightoller, the Second Officer. Lightoller gave evidence in the two official inquiries, and in a published letter to William Murdoch's wife Ada, telling how Murdoch was swept away when the ship sank. Second Wireless Operator Harold Bride, and passenger Archibald Gracie, both also saw Murdoch trying to free a collapsible boat to rescue more of the crew and passengers when he was swept away. William Murdoch's heroic actions were those of a reasonable and honourable seaman.


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Monument to Lieutenant William McMaster Murdoch, Royal Naval Reserve, on Dalbeattie Town Hall.

Memorial to Lt. Murdoch RNR

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