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The FAQ list is to assist customers and potential advertisers with the answers to some basic questions.
An e-mail is provided for further assistance.

Yours sincerely, Richard Edkins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the Titanic Memorabilia website ?

This website is a Dalbeattie Internet commercial advertising site owned and operated by Richard Edkins. It can be accessed from the Murdoch of the 'Titanic' website and from the Dalbeattie Domain website index.

How much is it to advertise on this website ?

A link to your webpage or website can be constructed for £ 20 Pounds Sterling (GBP) and retained there for one calendar year from the day of uplift. Sites accepted for link are subject to random inspection to ensure that the content is appropriate and within the laws of Scotland and the United Kingdom.

If I do not have a page, how much will it cost ?

Pages start at £ 50 Pounds Sterling (GBP). They may include up to six images (thumbnails linked to postcard-sized images) or logos and up to one A-4 length page of text. A hit-counter can be included.

Who is responsible for the content of the page advertising my product ?

Clients should be warned that they are entirely responsible for the merchantable quality of their products and message advertised, and that abuse of advertising for unethical purposes will be reported to client's ISP and the appropriate enforcement authorities. Dalbeattie Internet will withdraw the link and/or page in the event of proven abuse.

How is payment made ?

All payments must be made in Pounds Sterling (GBP) by cheque crossed 'A/C Payee' and made out to 'Dalbeattie Internet'. Link and/or page activation will occur when the cheque has cleared.

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