'Titanic' leaving Southampton
Stuart Williamson
'Titanic' Artist

The Wreck of the 'Titanic'

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The 'Titanic' Art of Stuart Williamson :

Stuart Williamson invites you to inspect his gallery of original paintings of the 'Titanic'. He has been researching this first of the super-liners for many years, and has successfully captured the image of the RMS 'Titanic' during the various phases of her short and eventful life.

Prints of the colour pictures are available for purchase. For copyright purposes, the image quality displayed on this site is far less than that in the prints of his pictures.

All of the pictures are printed on 250 gram Sequel Satin Art Paper; the actual size is given by each picture.

Other Atlantic Liner prints in preparation : 'Olympic', 'Britannic', 'Empress of Ireland', and 'Lusitania'.

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Stuart Williamson can also be contacted on 01332-700694 (International Calls on +44 13 32 70 06 94)
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