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The Shahi Cottage

Indian Tandoori Restaurant
Proprietors : Raju Ahmed and Ali Aroj.

3, Maxwell Street, DALBEATTIE DG5 4AH.
Bookings and Inquiries, Telephone : 01556 610260.
Open : Evenings, 5 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.

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  • 10% Discount Overall on Takeaway Meals
  • Free delivery of orders of £ 30 or more within a 4 mile radius.

This excellent restaurant offers a wide range of Indian cuisine for the discerning visitor, either as takeaways or as meals within the well-laid-out 30-seat restaurant. Bookings and orders can be made through the above telephone number. Parties can be catered for. Locals and summer visitors alike have enjoyed the house specialities and the good service of the staff. The Menu is very extensive and caters to a wide range of tastes.

The Most Popular Selections :

Main Dishes include Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable dishes in the following styles :-
Kurma, Mosalla, Malayan, Kayri, Bhuna, Madras, Duplaza, Jalfrize.
Also Garlic Chicken.

Rice Dishes offer a choice of Onion Pilao, Vegetable Pilao, Pilao Rice or Mushroom Pilao.
For every order for 2 people, there is a choice of Bombay Potatoes or Aloo Gobi.

Special Offer

Any 2 Main Dishes and 1 Side Dish and 1 Rice Dish, with 2 Popadums and 1 Naan Bread.

Normal Price : £ 14.95 Special Offer : 9.95

The Restaurant

Inside View

Raju Achmed

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Enquiries (although not takeaway orders) can also be forwarded by e-mail through :-

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