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Britt Ekland as Willow MacGregor, dancing with another actor in the 'Green Man'/Ellangowan bar.

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Visitors to Creetown can stay at the Ellangowan Hotel, from there exploring the locations in Kirkcudbright, Gatehouse, Newton Stewart and Burrow Head used in the film. The rather lusty bar-room songs of the "Green Man" were re-enacted in the bar in the Year 2000 Convention - and that may only be the start. Exact re-enactions of Willow McGregor's nude dances and 'initiations' would probably not be permitted; they appear to have been filmed in studio sets, somewhere at Sorbie or Wigtown in the Machars.

However, for your delight and delectation (not to speak of the 'great expense ... all the crowned 'eads of Europe') here are the songs from the sheet used at the Wickerman 2000 Convention. Apologies for any blushes, but the wording is exactly as given in the film.

The Wicker Man Song Book

Something Evil is Loose ~ Something Final is Coming

Songs of Olde

When Robin Hardy was doing his research into pagan rites and practices, he came across a collection of English folk songs put together by a Victorian called Sharpe. They were so in flavour with The Wicker Man theme that they were too good not to use. But they were in olde worlde English, making the words harde to swallow for the general audience. Anthony Shaffer was taking time out from the movie to work on the screenplay for Hitchcock's 'Frenzy', so his brother Peter stepped in. He re-wrote the lyrics before giving them to Paul Giovanni to re-arrange them.


Much has been said of the strumpets of yore
Of wenches and bawdy house queens by the score
But I sing of the baggage that we all adore,
The Landlord's Daughter ...
... You'll never love another
Although she's not the kind of girl
To take home to your mother ...
The Landlord's Daughter ...
... Her ale it is lively and strong to the taste
It is brewed with discretion and never with haste
You can have all you like If you swear not to waste
The Landlord's Daughter ...

... And, when her name is mentioned
The parts of every gentleman
Do stand up at attention ...
The Landlord's Daughter ...
... Oh, nothing can delight so
As does the part that lies between
Her left toe
And her right toe ...
The Landlord's Daughter ...


I put my hand all on her knee
She says to me do you want to see ?

I put my hand all on her breast
She says do you want to be kissed ?

I put my hand all on her thigh
She says to me do you want to try ?

I put my hand all on her belly
She says to me do you want to fill 'ee ?

Gently, gently, Johnny,
Oh gently, gently, Johnny,
Johnny, my jigaloo !


A maiden did this tinker meet and to him boldly say
Oh sure my kettle hath much need, if you will pass my way.
She took the tinker by the hand and led him to her door.
Says she, my kettle I will show and you can clout it sure.
For patching and plugging is his delight
He hammers away both by day and by night.
Fair maid says he, your kettle's cracked,
The cause is plainly told.
There hath so many nails been drove,
That mine own could not take hold.


Heigh ho ! Who is there ?
No one but me, my dear.
Please come say, How do ?
The things I'll give to you.
By stroke as gentle as a feather
I'll catch a rainbow from the sky
And tie the ends together.

Heigh ho ! I am here
Am I not young and fair ?
Please come say, How do ?
The things I'll show to you.
Would you have a wond'rous sight
The midday sun at midnight ?
Fair maid, white and red,
Comb you smooth and stroke your head
How a maid can milk a bull !
And every stroke a bucketful.


Summer is icumen in
Loudly sing Cuckoo
Grows the seed and blows the mead
And springs the wood anew.
Sing Cuckoo!

Ewe bleats harshly after lamb
Cows after calves make moo
Bullock stamps and deer champs
Now shrilly sing Cuckoo ...
... Cuckoo ... Cuckoo.
Wild bird are you ! Be never still Cuckoo !

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