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Untitled Space Painting No. 1
Untitled Space
Painting No. 1
5 feet x 4 feet, 1999,
Mixed Media
on Board.

The Artistic Space
of Julie Houston

B.A. Hons. Drawing & Painting

32 Chain Terrace, Creetown, DG8 7HP.
Telephone : Mobile : 0771 263 2485.
Home : 01671 820673.
E-mail : HOUSTON1974@hotmail.com

Untitled Space Painting No. 3
* Untitled Space
Painting No. 3 :
5 feet x 4 feet, 1999,
Gloss & Lacquer
on Board.

Architecture, Firenze Architecture, Firenze :
1 m. x 1 m., 2000,
Gloss & Enamel
on Board.

Statement Of Practice :

"...any kind of painting, any style of painting - to be painting at all, in fact - is a way of living today, a style of living, so to speak. That is where the form of it lies."
                                            Willem deKooning, 1951

SPACE, actual physical space, the space we live, move and feel around us everyday, is the source from which I draw on to create my 'Space-Scape' paintings. The creation of illusionistic space is done by many layers of paint, the use of shadow and perspective.

The shapes, forms and marks made, come from everyday life. A trip to the supermarket or a simple walk can inspire me. My choice of colour and marks are together becoming aspects of my style. Chance happenings are as important as calculated drawing, in the same way as organic forms mix with urban geometry. These conflicting areas are balanced by areas of quiet, creating a kind of disorganised organisation with its own harmonies.

My work concerns itself with reality - the life you live, the hectic city life and the busy life.

~ Julie Houston, 2000.

"The painted area, the active area, is the human content, an analogue for my being in the world, for moving through the world, for living and loving."
                                                    Albert Irvin, 1998

Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio :
1 m. x 1 m., 2000,
Gloss & Enamel
on Board.

Space-Scape No. 2
Space-Scape No. 2
30 inches x 30 inches, 1999,
Gloss on Board

From Here to There
From Here to There :
8 feet x 8 feet, 1999,
Gloss & Lacquer
on Board.

~ Exhibitions and Shows 1999 - 2000 ~

Group Shows
2000 :
February - December : Trans-National Touring Exhibition : Italy and France.
February 12th - April 29th : Young Blood 2000 : Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries.
February 19th - April 1st : Colour : Frames Contemporary Gallery, Perth.
1999 :
May 26th - April 10th : Imaging Exhibition : Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.
March 4th - April 10th : Perth Royal Infirmary, Perth.
March 6th - 17th : Student Exhibition : The Royal Academy, Edinburgh.
February 12th - March 19th : Tay Bar Exhibition : Dundee University Student Association, Dundee.

~ Awards and Prizes ~

1999 :
May : Awarded the John Kinross Scholarship at Florence in Italy.

March : * Winner of the Royal Scottish Academy Award for Painting and
              The Maclaine Watters Medal.

February : Winner of the John Smith & Sons Art Award.

1993 :
Awarded The Gates Rubber Company Factory Prize for Painting

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The Artistic Space of Julie Houston
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