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Creetown Exhibition Centre :

(Creetown Heritage Trust Museum Limited)

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Introduction :

An informal historical meeting in the Village Hall made the residents realise that they had material for a social history of the area. The initial collection of 200 pictures displayed at the meeting has grown rapidly to 2000, a disused garage was converted into an Exhibition Centre and Museum, various artefacts have been collected and an audio-visual display made.

Much of the exhibition collection concentrates on the history of the Quarries. With granite from Kirkmabreck and other local quarries going into Liverpool Docks, London Bridge and municipal buildings in Glasgow. The collection also examines the way of life of the local people during 200 years of history. Fishing, mining, quarrying and farming, were augmented by local men working at sea, as deckhands and as officers. Tourism will probably form the future of Creetown, with its tradition of hosting visitors dating back to the days of St. Ninian.

The Sculptor Hideo Furuta has made his home in Creetown since 1990, working the local stone into fine sculptures, some of which are on display in the Exhibition Centre.

The Exhibition Centre is also a vital source of information to tourists and other visitors to this area.

Opening Hours :

The Centre is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. as follows :-
Easter to end of June : closed Wednesdays and Saturdays, open other days.
July and August : open 7 days a week.
September and October : closed Wednesdays and Saturdays, open other days.

To Contact the Exhibition Centre :

Tel. : +44 (0)1671 820343 (after hours, 820251). E-mail : .
Address : Creetown Exhibition Centre, St. John Street, Creetown, Newton Stewart DG

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