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The Ballad of Muirland Meg

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The Ballad of Muirland Meg [Robert Burns at the Coach & Horses]

The Ballad of Muirland Meg

The Ballad may have originated as early as 1742, but it is traditionally linked to Robert Burns, having appeared in a 1796 book of his works. Tradition also says that Burns composed this wonderfully bawdy ballad whilst at the Coach & Horses. Maybe the beer and whiskey were as good now as then, but Margaret Hog, the 'Monkery Meg' who inspired the Ballad has, alas, long gone, for she died in 1811.

1. Amang oor young lassies there's Muirland Meg,
She'll beg or she work, and she'll play or she beg,
At threteen her maidenheid flew to the gate,
And the door o' her cage stands open yet.
Refrain :
And for a sheep-cloot she'll do't,
And for a toop-horn she'll do't tae the morn,
And merrily turn and do't, and do't.

2. Her kittle black een they wad thirl ye through,
Her rose-bud lips cry, kiss me noo;
The curls and links o' her bonnie black hair,
Wad put ye in mind that the lassie has mair.
Refrain :

3. An armfu' o' love is her bosom sae plump,
A span o' delight is her middle sae jimp;
A taper, white leg, and a thumpin' thie,
And a fiddle near by, an' ye play a wee!
Refrain :

4. Love's her delight, and kissin's her treasure;
She'll stick at nae price, and ye gie her gude measure,
As lang's a sheep-fit, and as girt's a goose-egg,
And that's the measure o' Muirland Meg.

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The Ballad of Muirland Meg [Robert Burns at the Coach & Horses]

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