Thomas Telford Thomas Telford, Civil Engineer
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Introduction :

Thomas Telford (1757-1834) was an important national and international figure in civil engineering, exceeded only by such men as Stevenson and Brunel. This site concentrates on his Scottish work, notably that in Dumfries and Galloway (South West Scotland) where this great Civil Engineer was born. Unusually for his profession, Telford was buried in Westminster Abbey, a dignity not accorded to many engineers since that time.

The background of this page is the Mason's Mark used by Telford to identify his work from the time when he worked as a stonemason. It consists of two triangles with a saltire cross between them and a bar linking the long faces of each triangle.

Life of Telford :
Other and more exhaustive lives of Telford are available elsewhere on the Internet. This concise guide is to assist those interested in the more Scottish aspects of his life and works.

Made by Telford :
A short list of the works Telford designed or built. Whilst not exhaustive, it will help to guide the interested through his national and international achievements. The type of road he pioneered forms the basis of much modern road design.

A Local Telford Tour Guide :
Telford designed several structures in Dumfries and Galloway. This short guide is intended to help the visitor trace the roads surveyed, the bridges designed and the surviving structures Telford designed. They include a port, several bridges, two major road routes, a toll house and the remarkable Beattock Inn, now The Brig Inn & Telford Restaurant .

Richard Edkins : The Early Roads of Moffat :
Very little has been written about the 'Road Town' aspects of Moffat. The writer has brought together the fascinating tales around Ericstane Brae and Chapel Hill, the main routes north from Carlisle to Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Telford-designed road from Glasgow to Carlisle is covered in the Millars' monograph.

Norman Millar : The New Road From Glasgow To Carlisle :
Norman and Margaret Millar together spent many years researching the life and works of Thomas Telford. This short monograph relates the development of the Evan Valley route and the design by Telford of Beattock Inn. The Millars continue to live at Dinwoodie Toll House , the last surviving Telford-designed Toll House on the Carlisle and Glasgow route.

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