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D. E. Stevenson :

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D.E. Stephenson was a distant relative of the great Robert Louis Stephenson. Although her books are out of print in Britain, she has a considerable following in the United States, from where visitors come to see the town and hills she loved..

Her full name was Dorothy Emily Peploe, Stevenson being her maiden name. She was born in Edinburgh, the descendant of civil engineers who designed and built many Scottish lighthouses. Bell Rock, Skerryvore and Bass Rock were amongst those attributed to Stevenson designers. Her father's cousin was Robert Louis Stevenson, the poet and writer buried in Samoa. The General Earl Roberts of Kandahar was her maternal grandfather. With associations such as these, her life predictably involved literature and the army.

After being educated privately, Dorothy travelled extensively in France and Italy with her parents, gaining a deep interest in art and history. She married Major J. R. Peploe of the Highland Light Infantry, moving from place to place with regimental postings. However, the permanent address of the couple was 1, Nith Place, Moffat, where they appear to have enjoyed residence.

Dorothy Emily Peploe began writing in the 1930s, publishing at least thirty books up to the early 1970s. Some of the books reflect on life in the Borders. The following list is by no means complete, and aficionados of D.E. Stevenson's work may like to e-mail additional information to the writer of this section. Copies of some of her books are in the local section of Moffat Library, to whose librarian the writer is most grateful for assistance.

On her death, Dorothy Emily Peploe was buried in the Moffat town cemetery just north and east of the town.

The Works of D.E. Stevenson :

N.B. : Titles and dates of publication. US published titles follow UK ones. Some re-issue publishers noted.

Peter West : 1923.
Mrs. Tim / Mrs. Tim of the Regiment : 1932.
Golden Days : 1934.
Miss Buncle's Book : 1934. Fontana edition 1959.
Divorced From Reality / Miss Dean's Dilemma (USA): 1935. / The Young Clementine : Re-published 1966.
Smouldering Fire : 1935.
Miss Buncle Married : 1934.
The Empty World / The World in Spell (USA) : 1936.
The Story of Rosabelle Shaw : 1937.
Miss Bun The Baker's Daughter / The Baker's Daughter (USA) : 1938.
Green Money : Published 1939.
Rochester's Wife : 1940.
The English Air : 1940.
Mrs. Tim Carries On : 1941.
Spring Magic : 1942.
Crooked Adam : USA 1942, UK 1969.
Celia's House : 1943.
The Two Mrs. Abbotts : 1943.
Listening Valley : 1944.
The Four Graces : 1946.
Mrs. Tim Gets a Job : 1947.
Kate Hardy : 1947.
Young Mrs. Savage: 1948.

Vittoria Cottage : 1949.
Music in the Hills : 1950.
Winter and Rough Weather / Shoulder The Sky USA : 1951.
Mrs. Tim Flies Home : 1952.
Five Windows : 1953.
Charlotte Fairlie / Blow the Wind Southerly USA and as The Enchanted Isle : 1954.
Amberwell : 1955.
Summerhills : 1956.
The Tall Stranger : 1957.
Anna and Her Daughters : 1958.
Still Glides The Stream : 1959.
The Musgraves : 1960.
Bel Lamington : 1961.
Fletcher's End : 1962.
The Blue Sapphire : 1963.
Katherine Wentworth : 1964.
Katherine's Marriage / Marriage of Katherine USA : 1965.
The House on the Cliff : 1966.
Sarah Morris Remembers : 1967.
Sarah's Cottage : 1968.
Gerald and Elizabeth : 1969.
The House of the Deer : 1970.

Readers interested in D.E. Stevenson are strongly recommended to visit the excellent site by Susan Monaghan at

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