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Moffat has many times won the Scotland in Bloom Award and in 1997 won the Great Britain Small Town Award. It is known as the 'jewel in the crown' of this beautiful area. Its tourist facilities now include tennis courts, magnificent bowling greens, and an excellent 18-hole golf course, whose full clubhouse facilities are available to visitors.The park has a putting green, boating lake, swings and wonderful floral displays. For more details, see Amenities of Moffat and Events. There is a list of the those attractions within about 40 miles (60 Km) of Moffat at Attractions . These include Gretna Green, so you could marry at Gretna and be in Moffat to honeymoon at one of our excellent hotels.Those wishing to stay in Moffat can find out from this site Where To Stay and Where To Eat in and near Moffat.

Moffat is located in the eastern part of Dumfries and Galloway Region, in the south-west of Scotland. The town has been famous for its past connections with border reivers and the wool trade. The magnificent Moffat Ram statue is the symbol and centrepiece of the town. During the Nineteenth Century, wealthy Victorians came to the now-gone spa to 'take the waters' of its sulphurous and iron-rich springs. For more information, go to the History.

Many historical personages either visited Moffat or actually lived there. Although Wallace, Bruce, Boswell and Burns visited the area, the most lasting impressions were made by men such as Telford and McAdam the road engineers and ACM Hugh Dowding of the RAF. Amongst its most famous daughters the town has Mora Dickson, the writer and remarkable co-founder of the Voluntary Service Overseas. For more information, see They Were Here.

There are many local walks of varying grades of length and challenge, set in a wide variety of landscape from moorland to valley, from heather to open fields and woodlands. All told, the area offers idyllic countryside, where one can still find fresh air, freedom to roam and absolute peace. The coast to coast Southern Uplands Way passes close by. An excellent guide - Walks In The Moffat Hills - by Jim Manson, which covers some 33 walks near Moffat and in adjacent hills.

Moffat is one mile from the A 74 (M), the main England to Scotland trunk road, an excellent location for reaching Glasgow and Edinburgh and only a few hours' drive up the M6 from towns and cities in Northern and Central England. London is approximately six hours driving time away. For details, see Where We Are.

The A 701 road from Moffat to Edinburgh passes the deep valley of the Devil's Beeftub, the Source of the Tweed, and the 'John Buchan Country' commemorated in 'The Thirty-Nine Steps' and 'Greenmantle'. East on the A708 are the Grey Mare's Tail and St. Mary's Loch, two famous beauty spots. The road leads on to the historic town of Selkirk with its William Wallace associations, the great Cistercian Abbey of Melrose, and to Traquair, the oldest inhabited house in Scotland.

The land about Moffat is a paradise for archaeologists and geologists, with its rounded landscapes formed by the Ice Age. The hard stone and clay soil developed the moors, woods and mosses fought over by the Picts, Romans and moss-troopers. One of the earliest historical relics is the route of the Roman Road from Carlisle to Castledykes; this runs past Moffat and at Milton there is the site of a Roman Fort. Moffat is barely an hour away from the longest Roman feature in Britain, - Hadrian's Wall, - from whose stones many Abbeys and castles were later built.

The town's Moffat Business Group have been responsible for commissioning this detailed website on Moffat. You are strongly recommended to look in their Moffat Business Index for your goods and services. We trust you will enjoy both this site and your future visit. For more details on the Group, go to Moffat Business Group.

Westwards on the A701 to Dumfries and beyond it on the A75 or A711, are the remote but beautiful Galloway Hills and the Solway Coast, a favoured area for artists and novelists. Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, and the great poet Robert Burns, all knew this tranquil and forested area. There is an extensive description of the attractions of this area in Attractions of South West Scotland and a complete list of local Golf Courses in Dumfries & Galloway Golf Links .

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