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The Moffat Business Group :

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Introduction :

Formerly known as the Moffat Merchants and Traders Association, Moffat Business Group exists to represent and to promote the commercial success and business interests of its membership and the town. Any businesses in Moffat may join the Moffat Business Group on payment of the £ 10 yearly fee.

Moffat Business Group commissioned this site in 1999 to promote interest in Moffat and to encourage tourism and commerce within the town. The Ram on the site is the symbol of the town's past trade in wool and sheep. The Ram stands on a fountain with places for man, horse and hound, to slake their thirst.

The 'Moffat - Town to Stop Off At' logo is the registered copyright of Moffat Business Group and may only be used for the promotion of the town. This website is currently the only one permitted to display it.

From 2001 the Moffat Town website became completely the property of the original designer and site webmaster of Dalbeattie Internet. He continues the association with Moffat Business Group and recommends all Moffat's businesses to take advantage of membership of the Group.

Moffat Business Group Committee :

Chairman :

Marilyn Elliott

Phone : 01683 220 584
Fax : 01683 221 984
E-mail :

Vice-Chairman :

Angus Leigh

Phone : 01683 220 974

Treasurer/Secretary :

Stan Cairnie

Phone : 01683 221 186
Fax : 01683 221 126
E-mail :

Committee :

Violet Little, Pauline Robson, Steve Kirkpatrick.

Advertising on Moffat Town Website :

The site offers a listing to businesses in Moffat and the surrounding area. Those businesses with existing websites can link from the listings on payment of their Business Group membership and a £ 15 Sterling link supplement.

Prices in 2003 as follows. :-

  • £ 15 : Link from Business Listings to existing Web Page or Website, per year.
  • £ 35 : Minipage of up to 30 lines/350 words + up to 4 images + hit counter + your telephone, fax, e-mail, website URL, per year.
  • £ 65 : Ful page of up to 60 lines/500 words + up to 6 images + hit counter + your telephone, fax, e-mail, website URL, per year. Includes a picture link from the Moffat Town Index page.

Free Amenity Pages : Non-profit-making organisations based within and providing a community service to Moffat may apply for a free minipage to promote their attraction to visitors and to the town.

Thank you for visiting this site. Please visit Moffat some time for a warm welcome.

For More Information on Advertising on the Website :-
Contact Dalbeattie Internet on e-mail
or phone or fax 01556 690567.

Advertising Separately on Moffat Town Server and Dalbeattie Domain Server :

Contact of Dalbeattie Internet or phone or fax 01556 690567 for information.

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