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This service links into the pages of individual amenities (Churches, Clubs, Societies and Local Services) within Moffat and the surrounding area. Amenities are listed by their type.

Note to Amenities Listed Here :
The Amenities Page is a free listing for organisations and establishments providing a non-profit-making service or amenity to the people and area of Moffat. Free minipages similar to those of the Moffat Business Index will be provided to organisations fulfilling the Amenities criteria. In the event of any argument over suitability, the decision of the Members and Committee of the Moffat Business Group is final, as being the owners of their site.

If you wish to embolden an entry, add more information to it, or order a site or page to be linked to an entry, e-mail the webmaster, or call 01556-690567 for more information.

Churches and Religious Organisations :

St. Andrew's Parish Church, Church of Scotland : Church Place, Moffat.
Minister: Rev. David M. McKay M.A. B.D
Tel : 01683 220128. E-mail:

St. John's Church, Episcopalian : Burnside, Moffat.
Rev. Martin Robson (Lockerbie : All Saints Rectory) Tel. : 01576-202484.

St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church : Mansfield Place, Moffat.
Father Stephen Sharkey (Priest) Tel. : 01576-202563.

St. Mary's Church, United Free Church of Scotland : Academy Road, Moffat.
Mr. David Richardson (Session Clerk) Tel. : 01683-220581.

Kirkpatrick Juxta Parish Church, Church of Scotland : Beattock, Moffat.
Rev. Jack Stewart (Minister) Tel. : 01683-300349.


Museums :

Moffat Museum : Old bakehouse (oven still there) converted to a fascinating two-storey museum with many interesting exhibits on local life from the mid-1800s onwards. A good audiovisual talk on the town. Well worth a visit.
Moffat Museum Trust, The Neuk, Churchgate, Moffat DG10 9JU. Tel : 01683-220868.


Theatrical and Music Groups :

Moffat Music Society :
Contacts : Treasurer/Publicity : Ann Hall. Tel : 01683-220440. President : Alan Lovell. Tel. : 01683-221310.
E-mail :

Moffat Pipe Band : Of pre-war origins, this respected Pipe Band was formed in its present state in 1952. It plays at local, national and international events. Available for hire at events. New Members always welcome.
Contacts : Secretary : Beckwith Anderson. Tel : 01683-220757. Pipe-Major : Iain McIntyre. Tel. : 01698-8233779.
Treasurer : Joy Little. Tel. : 01683-220944.

Moffat Youth Theatre : Formed in 1983, this voluntary charity aims to develop social and personal skills in young people. Regular drama workshops offered for 5 - 25 years, designed to increase young peoples' confidence, culminating in performances 2 or 3 times each year. There is a professional summer school and theatre each August run by professional performers.
Studio Theatre, Dundanion Road, Moffat DG10 9AH.
Office Tel/Fax/Ansaphone : 01683-220927.

Upper Annandale Dramatic Society : Housed in the Old Well Theatre, a renovated church building in Old Well Road. Stages regular performances during the year. The Upper Annandale Dramatic Society started in 1947. They purchased the old hall of the United Reformed Church, and obtained £ 400,000 Lottery grant for renovation and frontage improvement.
Old Well Theatre : Old Well Road, Moffat DG10 9AP. Mr. John Murray (President) Tel. : 01683-220980.
Website :
Programme :


Local Organisations :

Moffat Community Council : Locally elected representative group voicing Moffat's interests to the unitary authority, Dumfries and Galloway Council. For more information, contact :-
Alastair Macdonald, Chairman - Moffat Community Council, 1 Mearsdale Park, Moffat, DG10 9HZ Scotland. Tel. : 01683-220272.

Moffat Mountain Rescue Team : A volunteer group that has given great service throughout the Border hills in time of need. Highly respected for their work during the 1988 Lockerbie Air Disaster. Contributions to its operational funds are always welcomed.
Donations To : The Treasurer, Moffat Mountain Rescue Team, Covesea, Ballplay Road, Moffat, Dumfriesshire DG10 9JX. Website : Moffat Mountain Rescue Team.

Moffat Promotions : This voluntary group organises annual events in Moffat for visitors and local benefit. To obtain more information, please contact :-
Mr. Andy Armstrong, Chairman - Moffat Promotions, Boleskine, Well Road, Moffat DG10 9AS, Scotland.
Website : Moffat Promotions.

Proudfoot Institute : Social club in Mansfield Place. A major venue for community activities. During the First World War, the building was used as an Auxiliary Red Cross Hospital. For more information, contact :-
Mr. George Saunders, Annandale Way, Moffat


Parks & Sports Centres :

Beech Grove Tennis Courts, Bowling Green & Sports Barn : This is the permanent venue of the annual South of Scotland Tennis Tournament. The extensive facilities are a boon to Moffat town as well as to the nearby Moffat Academy.

Station Park : A remarkably beautiful municipal park with boating lake, gardens and trees. The flowerbeds of this Park contributed largely to the town winning the Britain In Bloom award in 1996. The Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding Memorial is a feature of the Park. A water-feature - 'Moffatasia' - is very popular with children.


Doctors & Hospital :

Drs. Gillies and Crosby : 6-7 Church Place, Moffat DG10 9ES. Tel. : 01683-220197.

Drs. G.L. McEwan and A. S. Sharkey : The Surgery, High Street, Moffat DG10 9JP. Tel. : 01683-220062. Fax : 01683-220453.

Moffat Cottage Hospital : A day hospital in Selkirk Road, with some residential accommodation for the elderly. Opened 8th October 1906. A feature on a 1920s postcard. Now much enlarged.


Public Buildings and Memorials :

Fire Station : This new building in Holm Road houses the short-base fire appliance developed for local roads. The Station is staffed by local part-time Retained Firemen, applications for this duty being to a very high standard. Crew from this station responded with praiseworthy effort to the needs of the 1988 Lockerbie Air Disaster.

Police Station : To the rear of the Town Hall. Replaces old building in Holm Street now converted to Claudio's restaurant. Whilst not continuously staffed by uniformed personnel, the Police Station provides an effective service to the local community. The Community Policeman is Constable Ian Marshall.

War Memorial : The men of Moffat have fought for their country in two World Wars and many smaller conflicts. Those who died in the First and Second World Wars are remembered by the War Memorial at the southern end of the central area of the High Street. The illustration shows the 1998 Remembrance Sunday.

Town Hall, Moffat : Neo-Classical 18th Century Pump Rooms and Assembly Halls of the Spa, later converted to a Town Hall and extended. Houses the local Library, with a good lending and reference collection for local interest. Rooms within the Town Hall are available for hire by community organisations. There is a large hall with a stage.

The Public Toilets at the rear of the Town Hall are worthy of mention as the staff keep them in excellent order and take great pride in their work. The Visitors' Book is a record of customer satisfaction.


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