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Before you visit our site... :

Legend Computers are manufactured in Scotland by Ballantines of Threave Ltd. The Managing Director, Mr. Vernon F. Ballantine, M.A., welcomes you and is sure you'll enjoy the site.

Company Policy and Objectives :

Legend believes that every individual or organisation deserves computer equipment that is exactly suited to their needs. This approach, coupled with an unerring committment to quality, is enabling the Legend name to expand in its chosen market of high-quality, built-to-order PCs.

Built for the Customer :

Legend customers get robust, advanced computer equipment, which can be standard models or tailor-made to their specific requirements. What is more, because Legend build to order and components are ordered close to the delivery date, they get state-of-the-art products at up-to-date prices.

The five models of Legend computers come in two types. The standard type (for example, the Titan) has an ADT or IBM Pentium chip, whilst the other type (for example, the Titan-II) has a Pentium II chip on a compatible motherboard.

Warranty :

All computers supplied by Ballantines of Threave Limited have a twelve month parts and labour return-to-base warranty. This can be renewed for subsequent years. Onsite or longer warranties available on request.

Customer Support :

There is no mystery to the growth and loyalty of our customer base. Legend customers enjoy a clear advantage in the products we sell and benefit from our dedication to quality of service. This includes expert pre-sales advice, timely delivery and first class after-sales support.

Why settle for less ?

To Contact Legend :

Post to :-
Ballantines of Threave Ltd.
The Old Exchange, Threave, Nr. Castle Douglas, DG7 1TR SCOTLAND.
Telephone : 01556-504534. Fax : 01556-504534.
E-mail :
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