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A New Cross for the Millenium :

Kippford is unusual in that it has no Church, War Memorial or any other symbol of its Christian heritage. The Cross is intended to mark a focal point of the village, beside its Village Hall on the Green. The original Whithorn Crosses were both meeting places and centres for worship. This new one is a sustainable monument, intended to last into the the third millenium. A Public Meeting decided in 1999 that it would erect the Cross, incorporating symbolic parts that reflect the nature of the village and the Millenium. In all, the Cross would stand 9 feet high from its base, The cairn would be 3 feet 4½ high, the shaft a similar height, whilst the cross head would be 2 feet 3 inches in diameter. The Whithorn Cross style is typical of the very early design of the time of Saint Ninian.

The Details of the Cross :

  • Design, Carving and Erection :

    Villager Ronald Yielder designed and prepared the drawings for the Cross. A panel of villagers (some Kippford Association committee members, others co-opted) met to work out the details of the project. Douglas Swan, monumental mason of Kirkcudbright and Dalbeattie, has been cotracted to prepare and decorate the Dalbeattie Granite shaft and head as in the drawing. Gibson's of Barnbarroch (Builders) are to prepare the foundations and erect the cross.

  • Local Connections :

    A piece of Kippford granite from the disused Caledonian quarry is to be incorporated into the base of the Cross, the shaft and head being of Dalbeattie granite. The support of concrete and steel will be clad in stones brought by the villagers.

  • Time Capsule :

    This is to be buried within the structure and will hold various items, including work by local children who have written of their impressions of Kippford.

  • Decoration :

    The shipbuilding and port history of Kippford is commemorated by an incised anchor on the cross-shaft, crossed by a gull in flight as representation of the local seabirds. The words 'A.D. 2000' will be incised on the shaft, and 'Kippford' on the base.

  • Position and Site :

    The villagers voted unanimously to erect the cross in front of the Village Hall on the "Green". This was chosen in preference to the 'Knockie', a small hill on the Jubilee Path between Kippford and Rockcliffe.

  • Dedication :

    It is proposed that the Reverend Barry Knight, Minister of the Colvend Parish Church, dedicate the Cross on January 1st 2000. There would then be a celebration in the Village Hall.

  • The Cost :

    The cost up till the time of writing will be in the region of £ 6,500, of which over half has been raised. Further funds may be needed to cover the costs of the foundations.

Fund Raising :

The Lottery Commission turned down an application under the 'Awards for All' scheme on the grounds that the project was a 'Capital Expense', so the village had to carry out its own fund-raising activities. Donations from the people in Kippford and Barnbarroch supplemented two fundraising events, - 'Wine and Nibbles' and 'Cream Teas', - but more is needed.

The cardboard mock-up at the head of this page formed the the centerpiece of a Border News report on Thursday 11th November 1999.

How You Can Help :

If you can contribute some money, - however small, - this will help to realise the hope and faith of the village of Kippford in its Millenium Project.

Please contact Mrs. Rona Cropper at 'Craigrathan' Roughfirth, Kippford, by Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire DG5 4LJ.
Alternatively, telephone 01556 620653 (International : +44 15 56 62 06 53).

You may E-mail Richard Edkins, for further advice on making a donation.

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