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Manufactured by Wilsons. Proving to be a major asset to the business with over 100 combinations sold by October 1998. No other heavy lifting cranes and trailers can compete with the Botex price structure.

County Spares by JPW

Jas P. Wilson has the largest stock of genuine County Tractor spares in the world, - a blessing to those looking to find servicing and replacements for this respected and reliable make.

Jas P. Wilson

The parent company, Jas.P.Wilson sell a wide range of equipment. Besides the new equipment, - and a wide range of agencies, - the firm makes half its sales from used and refurbished machines. These are workshop checked, repaired and serviced, and sold with a warranty.

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To Contact Jas. P. Wilson, for Information or Sales :-

Post to :- Industrial Site, Coast Road, Dalbeattie SCOTLAND DG5 4QU.
Telephone : 01556-612233. Fax : 01556-612244. E-mail :
Also at : Jas P. Wilson (Southern Depot), Sterts Farm,
English Bicknor, Coleford, Glos ENGLAND GL16 7NT.
Telephone : 01594-810266. Fax : 01594-810644.

Next Day Spare Parts Delivery in mainland United Kingdom - Payment by Credit Card accepted.

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