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Rottne EGS Rapid

Rottne Industri AB :

One of the largest forestry equipment suppliers in Sweden has negotiated with Jas. P. Wilson to become the British suppliers of their forwarders and harvesters. Other Rottne products and spares, with further technical details, can be obtained from Jas. P. Wilson.

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Rottne Harvester Range

2002/4 Harvester
5000 Harvester
SMV Rapid
SMV Rapid

This range consists of several similar machines built around the Rottne modular components system. Most function solely as harvesters, but the TGS version can also function as load-carrying forwarders.

The Rapid EGS Harvester in detail

Many features of the Harvester range are the same as for the Forwarders, a factor that makes many parts interchangeable, eases supply of spares and ensures ease of servicing.

The Cab :

As with the Forwarders, the operator's comfort in the Rapid Harvesters is one of the best that the market can offer. The safety-tested steel cab is rubber-mounted to minimize vibration and noise, and can be tilted to one side for engine servicing, in the same way as the Forwarders. The fully-adjustable arm rests are fitted with ergonomically-placed controls for the loader and head. All-round vision is provided by large windows and a skylight. To increase operator safety, all windows in the working direction are made of polycarbonate. The cab has good heat and sound insulation, keeping the sound at working speeds well below 78 dBA, and is provided with a well-designed air-conditioning system for operator comfort. Sun visors are available as an extra.

The Head :

To take an example, the Rapid EGS can be equipped with several sizes of units, changing them according to the task in hand. The Rapid single-grip harvester is most often used in relatively large-diameter timber, so the EGS 600 is the best size to study.

The EGS 600 head was specifically developed for the Rapid EGS and is a compact unit with its equipment shielded by covers. The head is mounted in a hydraulically-operated pendulum arm which at the floating position can swing freely with the head's movements. The tilt cylinder is protected by being sited inside the pendulum arm. The clamp arms, delimbing knives and inclined feeding wheels hold the trunk firmly for felling, delimbing and cutting. During feeding, the hydraulic pressure on the clamp arms and delimbing knives is slightly reduced, to ensure that a faultless delimbing can be done without affecting the feed-rate. The strong feeding-force is provided by pneumatic tyred wheels, which grasp and hold the stem without causing unnecessary damage. The 19 cc. hydraulic motor of the chain saw allows felling to be done on trunks of up to 62 centimetre diameter. A double colour-marking system can be fitted, feeding through channels in the sawbar.

The PC-Based Control System :

The DSP control and bucking system is based around a vehicle-adapted PC. The PC provides system management, whilst a digital signal processor controls the bucking system. The brightly-lit large-figure display provides all the information required during processing. By operating a lever panel at each loader lever, the operator can both manoeuver the head and pass the bucking computer the necessary information for processing. This easily-operated system uses a PC-type keyboard for entering information and file management, and has an A4-size printer. The computer's 'Help' files can be accessed either from automatic prompts or simple search procedures. Bucking instructions, production data and trunk-size data can be enterred from floppy disk, memory cards, a modem or a portable PC. Calibration is either by external computer calibration or manually through built-in systems.

Operating Qualities :

The short and compact chassis gives the two-grip harvester great manoeuverability. Stability in hilly and stony terrain can be further improved by fitting the machine with eight wheels and a bogie on the tractor unit. The flexibility and precision of the hydrostatic transmission system is most evident in the slow and small movements needed during felling and processing.

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