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Rottne EGS Rapid

Rottne Industri AB :

This respected Swedish producer of timber harvesters and forwarders has negotiated with Jas. P. Wilson to become the British suppliers of their products. The best known of these, - the Rapid Forwarders and Harvesters, - are described here. Other Rottne products and spares, with further technical details, can be obtained from Jas. P. Wilson.

The Rapid Series :

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Examples of the Forwarder range available

Solid F9
Solid F9
9 tonne
Rapid G
Rapid G
10 tonne
12 tonne
SMV Rapid
SMV Rapid
16 tonne

Rapid Standard, - the original version of the Rapid programme, - is a middle range forwarder which can be delivered in a range of different designs. Variations of the design also serve as harvesters, which are broadly similar but which are discussed separately. From a fixed basic concept, the customer can specify a machine with 6 or 8 wheels and decide desired tyre profiles and width. Either converter or hydrostatic transmission systems may be fitted. The length of the wagon-bed is up to the customer and can be delivered as either a standard or an articulated version. There are two alternative types of loader crane, equipped to take varying types of extension and grapple. This sensible arrangement means that only a few components are needed to produce a wide range of machines. The success of this concept has made the Rapid very popular and has been copied by other manufacturers.

Economy and Profitability :

The costs and profitability of any forwarder depend on the running costs, the timber capacity and the degree of use. The Rapid's versatile design has allowed it to be used in a wide variety of applications, not only as a fine all-round forwarder for thinning and final felling. Customers use the Rapid for many tasks, including clam bunk skidding, liming, chipping, waste and container handling and road cleaning. This versatility has given the Rapid a high second-hand resale value.

Machine prices and spare parts prices are kept low by the Rottne policy of long production runs, producing large numbers of components. The firm has a part-exchange policy that is determined by actual part repair costs and not on fixed prices, with a reliable new parts warranty to reduce repair costs and down time. Rottne ensures that its dealers are highly trained and committed to making fast and high-quality repairs. Taken together, these factors keep running costs low for both the machine owner and estate management.

Ease of Operation

The large and roomy Rapid cab, with its excellent all-round visibility, is popular with all our customers. It has been carefully designed to provide good operating conditions, so enhancing operator productivity. The cab is insulated against noise and vibration, with filtered-air air conditioning and an electrically-heated seat with pneumatic suspension. The control system and forwarder operating levers are inside the cab for comfort and safety. The cab is ergonomically designed to provide a safe and efficient working environment, more than satisfying Health and Safety regulations.

The Rapid Standard Forwarder in detail :

The Cab :

The comfort provided by this cab is known to be one of the best on the market. The seat has a pneumatic suspension, with well-positioned arm and back rests. Controls for frequently-used systems are mounted at the front of the armrests. Large windows give all-round visibility and a skylight and sun visors can be fitted as optional extras. The light and roomy cab has comprehensive heat and sound insulation and a well-designed filtered-air air conditioning system.

Handling Qualities :

Both of the converter and hydrostat transmission options give smooth and efficient power transfer to the driving wheels. The compact design of the tractor is combined with a trailer that has a very low centre of gravity and a high degree of stability. The controls are duplicated at the front and rear of the tractor cab, ensuring safe operation in all conditions.

Load Capacity :

The Rapid forwarder program has a variety of frame lengths and bunk profiles, allowing considerable versatility in most forwarder tasks. The broad bed base provides a low centre of gravity even when loaded. As the gate can be hydraulically raised and lowered, the load can be easily moved back when handling short lengths of timber. Stability is thus excellent, whether handling short stud wood or timber with a long average length.

The RG83 Loader :

The well-tested knuckle boom loader RG 83 with its unique tilting crane tower allows for greater versatility of movement. An more traditional alternative fixed pillar loader RK60 can also be offered. Both loaders have unloaded revolving housings with ball-race bearings and double slewing-cylinders for fast and reliable positioning. The extension-arms for each type of loader are fully interchangeable. Types 28 and 35 grapples are available and both can be supplied for limb handling.

Ease of Servicing :

A key aspect of the Rapid design programme has been ease of servicing, with interchangeable components and simplified repairs. The tiltable cab can be swung to one side and automatically secured whilst the spring-assisted hoods and covers can be easily opened. This allows access within minutes to the entire power train with its pumps and valves. The components are assembled in a modular system with interchangeability between many of the other Rapid designs. The result is good parts availability and staff servicing skill.

Versatility :

The Rapid range has given years of excellent service as all-round forwarders but it is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of applications. As a pure forwarder, its proportions and width make it excellent for thinning, whilst providing sufficient loading capacity and power to deal with final felling. The design allows the rapid removal of the loading bunks and the front gate, freeing the trailer for other functions. These can include liming, chipping, bush cleaning, estate load shifting and so on. The Rapid is thus a versatile multi-purpose machine with far greater capabilities than forwarding.

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