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Patruuna 850 and 755 loaders

Patruuna (Pellonpaja Oy) :

Jas. P. Wilson are the U.K. agents for this respected Swedish manufacturer of forestry loader/cranes. Other Patruuna products and spares, with further technical details, can be obtained from Jas. P. Wilson.

Patruuna Forestry Loader/Cranes :

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Loader Cranes and Accessories

The Patruuna Loader Crane Range :

Patruuna have been developing and manufacturing their loader cranes for forestry work since 1986. This is reflected in their fine reputation and their efforts in developing longer lasting, capable and easily-operated equipment. Patruuna cranes are regularly tested at the Swedish Statens Maskinprovningar research facility. Since 1986, Patruuna cranes have passed the durability tests with flying colours.

The Double Crane Damper :

The latest feature to be added to all the new cranes is the double crane damper. This new feature cuts off peak stress loads by absorbing crane stopping and starting vibration. Reducing the crane stress naturally increases crane durability. Patruuna assessed the benefit by testing the new Patruuna 860 and its double crane damper at the Svensk Maskinproving facility. It is worth recalling that the Patruuna 860 was tested without a crane damper in 1994, when it exceeded 124,415 stress test cycles with the best ever results. Details are given in Report No. 9160 from Patruuna dealers or direct from Pellonpaja Oy. The new crane with double crane damper can double the durability, as indicated in Report PU 1158/97.

The double crane damper is directly connected to the crane body. This new feature can also be fitted to older models of Patruuna crane.

The double crane damper naturally increases operator comfort. Instead of the previously sharp starts and stops, there is now smoother, faster and more flexible loading. Research showed that loading time was reduced by up to 20%.

Comparisons with previous performances
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Torque and Service Friendly Design :

The slewing system on 700- and 800- series cranes uses a large diameter gear, to ensure both strong torque and that more than one gear tooth is in contact with the rack at any one time. The gear assembly can be disconnected, changed, even turned over to distribute wear evenly and extend the working life of the gear. Both gear and rack are hardened.

Power through full lifting range :

The crane has its maximum lifting power when the lifting boom is horizontal. The greater the angle of the boom from this position, the less is the available lifting force. Patruuna cranes use an optimal lifting geometry to minimise this loss of performance at high angles, giving an exceptional lifting power in all positions.

Patruuna ERGO :

This ergonomic two-lever system controls all functions of the crane. There are the normal forward, - back, - sideways movements, with an added function by changing the lever angle. Using two levers means that the handgrip is tight and comfortable in all positions, leaving the operator free to concentrate on grappling and loading work. This feature is fitted as standard equipment.

Hydraulic Servo Controls :

The valve block with its hydraulic servo control is connected to the loader body. This allows precise and light control, saving space in tractor cabins. A 10-Kilogramme servo control lever system can be supplied for mounting in the cab as an optional extra.

For further technical details, contact Jas. P. Wilson.

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