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Palax 600 firewood processor

Palax (Terästakomo)
Firewood Processors :

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Jas. P. Wilson are the U.K. agents for the Finnish firm of Terästakomo, who have been manufacturing agricultural machinery for over 40 years. The Palax 600 Combi is an excellent machine for converting small timber into firewood by sawing and splitting the logs. Jas. P. Wilson sell the various units in the Palax 600 Combi range with the TSV variable splitting speed facility as a standard feature.

The Palax 600 Combi Range

Palax 600 Combi TR/TR :-

The basic economy model for use with a tractor.
Power and hydraulic thrust from a tractor.

Palax 600 Combi TR/OHD :-

A more advanced unit fitted with its own hydraulic pump and oil tank.

Palax 600 Combi SM/TR

Powered by a 0.5 Kilowatt electric motor or a tractor PTO according to the location.

Palax 600 Combi Mobil

This model comes with a carrying trailer and is powered by a 3 h.p. HONDA petrol engine or a 0.5 Kilowatt electric motor.

TSV Variable Speed System :

The standard chopping speed used with 60 mm. diameter timber is 4.5 seconds, using 5 tonne thrust at 13 strokes per minute. The TSV system allows a variation of speed between 2 and 4.5 seconds, allowing for faster splitting with softer woods. For example, the same diameter of a softer wood could be split in 3 seconds at a 2.4 tonne thrust and 20 strokes per minute.

TSV Control Handle
TSV control handle
Palax Firewood Conveyor
Palax Netbag Frame
Netbag Frame
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Firewood Conveyor :

This simple but effective device can be used to pile the timber in a trailer or lorry, or to load mesh bags with the firewood. The conveyor can be folded back over the machine during movement and is supported by two wire cables when in use. The high sides and litter grid guides ensure that the split logs stay on the conveyor.An optional winch can be supplied to ease handling.

Netbag Frame :

A Netbag Frame can be supplied as a worthwhile optional extra; the bag is held rigidly on the frame whilst the bag is filled, then the frame is removed and another bag rigged. As illustrated, this is an excellent way to load the firewood onto pallets for drying, storage and transport.

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