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Patruuna 850 and 755 loaders

Patruuna (Pellonpaja Oy) :

Multipurpose Versatility - Optional Accessories

The new Patruuna loader range is well equipped for its forestry tasks, but Patruuna also provide a range of accessories so that users can adapt the machines to their own needs.

Examples of the available accessories

Patruuna boom-mounted winch

1. Powerful winch

Excavator equipment

2. Excavator equipment

Feed and manure clam

3. Feed and manure clam

1. : Powerful winch :

A hydraulically-powered winch can be mounted on the lifting boom. Pulling power is 1400 kP, using a 30m long 6mm cable.

2. : Excavator equipment :

Available for Patruuna 747, 755, 850, 860 and 875.
- V-form bucket, width 1100/150 mm, vol 130 l.
- Earth moving bucket, width 600 mm. vol 190 l.
- drainage ditch bucket, width 260mm. vol 70 l.

3. : Feed and manure clam :

A clam for handling solid cattle feed and manure. The spikes attach directly to the grab. Width 1 metre.

Patruuna Sand Grab

4. Sand Grab

Bale Clam

5. Bale Clam

Self contained hydraulic system

6. Self contained hydraulic system

4. : Sand Grab :

A grab for handling soil, sand, gravel and related materials. Volume 180 or 230 litres.

5. : Bale Clam:

For handling round bales. Jaws open 800 mm. to 1600 mm.

6. : Self Contained Hydraulic System :

Rapidly-mounted oil reservoir and pump for powering hydraulic equipment. Tank volume 50 litres, pump output 40 litres/minute at 540 r.p.m.

Patruuna stabiliser bars

7. Stabiliser bars

3-point linkage subframe attachment

8. 3-point linkage subframe

Flange subframe attachment

9. Flange subframe attachment

7. : Stabiliser Bars :

For locking the crane in position. This accessory significantly reduces the strain on the lower links of the tractor.

8. : 3-Point Linkage Subframe Attachment :

A rapidly-mounted attachment for 3-point linkage cranes.

9. : Subframe Attachment :

A rapidly-mounted attachment for flange attachment cranes.

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