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Junkkari HJ40 chipper

Junkkari Oy :
Smallwood Chippers :

Jas. P. Wilson are the U.K. agents for the Finnish firm of Junkkari Oy, whose engineering skills over the past 40 years have been applied to agricultural and forestry machinery. The HJ range of smallwood chippers are a remarkable ecological solution to converting brashings, smallwood and timber to chips for composting, fuel use, mulching or soil improvement compost.

HJ5 blade chamber showing
chipping and fan blades

Wood chip burner
90% thermal efficiency

The heart of the machine is a sturdy cutting flange with fan blades, which acts as cutter, fan and flywheel, phasing out peak loads. Chip size is adjusted by altering the blade position. On the HJ5 and HJ10, two of the cutting blades may be removed if the roughest possible cut pattern is required. Power feed versions have a pair of power-driven rollers at top and bottom of the feed cone. The feed rollers have the same peripheral speed for even feed speed and a high grade product, and can be driven in reverse if so needed.

The range comes in four sizes, from small models for private use, up to larger models for the farm, professional contractor or municipality.

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The Junkkari Smallwood Chipper Range :

Junkkari HJ4 chipper Junkkari HJ5 chipper Junkkari HJ10 chipper Junkkari HJ40 chipper
Junkkari HJ 4 chipper Junkkari HJ 5 chipper Junkkari HJ 10 chipper Junkkari HJ 40 chipper

Technical Specifications

Junkkari HJ4 chipper

Junkkari HJ 4 Chipper :

A 3-point hitch-mounted lightweight chipper for chipping twigs and small diameter stems. The standard model is fed by hand, the cutting blades drawing the material into the machine. An alternative model, the HJ 4 SL, is fitted with a mechanical feeding system.

Technical Specifications

Junkkari HJ5 chipper

Junkkari HJ 5 Chipper :

A 3-point hitch-mounted chipper for chipping stems and small-diameter tree trunks. The basic model is fed manually, the blades draw the material into the machine. An alternative model, the HJ 5 SL, is fitted with a mechanical feeding system.

Technical Specifications

Junkkari HJ10 chipper

Junkkari HJ 10 Chipper :

A 3-point hitch-mounted wood chipper for chipping stems and small trees. The basic model HJ 10 M is fed manually, the draw of the chipping knives makes it self-feeding. The model HJ 10 SLT is driven by tractor hydraulics. HJ 10 SL is equipped with its own hydraulics.

Technical Specifications

Junkkari HJ40 chipper

Junkkari HJ 40 Chipper :

An efficient wood chipper designed for contractor operation. This model features a strong frame, a trailer hitch and a large tyre size. Its high efficiency and the large feed funnel, make it possible to use a forestry crane (loader) to feed in the material. The chipper can reach an output level of 50 cu.m/hour.

Technical Specifications :

Model HJ4 HJ5 HJ10 HJ40
Type <---3-point hitch mounted---> Trailed
Cutting flange dia. (cm.) 43 63 80 122
Cutting flange weight (Kg.) 45 97 170 500
Flange r.p.m. 540-1000 540-1000 540-1000 540
No. of cutting blades 2 4 4 2
Chip size (mm.) 4-12 6-12 5-18 12-30
Maximum stem dia. (cm.) 10 17 25 35
Output, cubic metres/hour 2-6 4-8 7-20 50
Power required (h.p.)* 15-50 30-70 30-75 70-120
Weight, basic model (Kg.) 172 295 650 1550
Overall height (in transport
position) (cm.)
190 240 275 270
Feed funnel size (cm.) 13 x 11 20 x 20 26 x 26 40 x 45

* : The power requirement is greatly influenced by the blade adjustment, sharpness, diameter of wood and the chip size.

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