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Igland 9002 winch skidding logs

Igland AS :
Forestry Winches :

Jas. P. Wilson are the U.K. agents for the Norwegian firm of Igland As, who have been manufacturing single and double-drum forestry winches for 50 years at their Grimstad works.

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Igland 5001 Single Drum Winch

Single-Drum Winches:

Igland 6001 Single Drum Winch


  • Unusually large drum capacity holds a generous length of heavy cable.
  • New ! The pulling power is increased from 5.6 tons to 6 tons (60kN) of line pull definitely puts this winch in the heavy-duty class.
  • Suitable for tractors in the 45-69 kW (~60-95 hp) range.
  • Automatic band safety brake.
  • Cord operation is standard. Remote control option.
  • High or low spooling point.
  • Large butt plate provides excellent ground-pressure stabilising action during winching.
  • Cable curbs prevent cable jumping off drum when winching in.
  • Optimum reeling characteristics.
Igland 6601 Single Drum Winch


  • Electrohydraulic operation with self-contained hydraulics is standard.
  • 6.6 tons (66 kN) of line pull make this suitable for tractors in the 45-74 kW (~60-100 hp) range.(
  • High or low pulling point.
  • High line pull throughout haul.
  • Heavy-duty butt plate.
  • Active ground-pressure stabilising action during winching.
  • High-capacity drum.
  • Good spooling characteristics.
  • Automatic safety brake.
  • Close placement to tractor permits heavier loads.
  • Hinged tower makes inspection easier.
Igland Grosso 9001 Single Drum Winch

IGLAND 9001 Grosso :

  • Heavy 9 ton (90kN) line pull makes this suitable for tractors in the 66-103 kW (~90-140 hp) range.
  • New ! Electrohydraulic low-pressure control system is standard. Radio remote control option.
  • Good spooling characteristics.
  • High or low pulling point.
  • Switch for controlled lowering of load.
  • Butt plate provides good ground-pressure stabilising action during winching and is ideal for piling logs.
  • Close placement to tractor permits heavier loads.
  • Heavy-duty log guard.
  • High-capacity drum.
  • Easy maintenance.

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