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Igland Remote Radio Control System

Igland AS :
Winch Accessories:

Jas. P. Wilson are the U.K. agents for the Norwegian firm of Igland As, who have been manufacturing single and double-drum forestry winches for 50 years. Their simple equipment for light operations does the least damage to the forest.

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Igland Remote Control System

IGLAND Remote Control System

  • Remote control for large and small forestry winches.
  • Remote control for tractor engine speed.

A simple and reliable system which makes your work easier and increases your output. Properly used, it will make your work safer, faster and easier in the felling area as well as the landing area.

Igland Radio Remote Controls

IGLAND Radio Remote Controls

Radio remote control enhances working safety by letting the operator stand well away from danger spots.

  • Model T-100 at left.
  • Model T-150 at right.
  • Practical clip-on design.
  • Handy pocket size.
  • Integral antenna on Model T-100.
  • Works on all winch sizes, - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 channels available.
  • All T-150 transmitters are designed with an emergency-stop feature.
Igland Remote Radio Control System

Applications :

  • Igland radio remote control units are designed for single and double-drum forestry winches operated via electrohydraulic control systems.
  • Switch for lowering the load is standard on all winch models fitted with high-pressure control.

A separate radio control brochure is available on request.

Igland Front Blade

IGLAND Front Blade :

  • Effective at the landing area.
  • Mounts on front loader.
  • Available in widths : 1.5 m, 1.8 m, 2.0 m.

Other Igland Products :

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Other Igland Accessories :

Product information sheets are available for the wide range of accessories provided by Igland. Here are three illustrations of the range on offer.

Igland Light Gravity Skyline System Igland Blocks, Pulleys and Straps Igland Chokering Equipment
Igland Chokering Equipment. Igland Blocks, Pulleys and Straps. Igland Chokering Equipment
Please note : Igland is constantly improving its products and reserves the right to make changes to performance and specifications. For more technical information, contact Jas. P. Wilson.

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