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Tractors outside the Jas. P. Wilson factory

The Firm of Jas. P. Wilson :

This established and fast-growing Scottish firm was developed by the Wilson brothers into a major supplier of forestry equipment and tractors. They sell directly to clients throughout the British Isles and have now entered the European and North American markets.

The Wilson brothers are based in the beautiful Urr Valley, near the town of Dalbeattie in Dumfries and Galloway Region (South West Scotland). This Region of Scotland is the most heavily afforested part of the United Kingdom, with over 40% of the land area planted to trees. Nearly half a million tonnes of timber is harvested from the Region's renewable softwood plantations every year, a trend that is set to continue. The Sitka Spruce has already exceeded the native birches, pines and hardwoods, in numbers, but both conservation and industrial forestry are practiced successfully in this area. The Jas. P. Wilson factory is less than a quarter of a mile from the extensive Dalbeattie Forest Forestry Commission plantations.

Besides their regular direct sales, the Wilson brothers have for some years held their own successful annual auctions and show at their Dalbeattie works. Other firms in the forestry business are regular exhibitors, and private owners may also display their equipment for sale. During the year, Jas. P. Wilson also have stands at the major forestry shows in the United Kingdom.

Reconditioned County Tractors and Spares :

A particular strength of the firm has been its engineering skill in reconditioning used equipment to a high standard and re-selling within the British market. It is especially well-known for reconditioning of the world-famous County range of tractors, and for holding the largest stocks of County Tractor spares in the world. County tractors are continuing to give reliable service in oil-drilling, airport work, forestry and agriculture throughout the world, and will continue to do so with the help of Jas. P. Wilson.

The BOTEX Cranes and Trailers :

As well as reconditioning others' equipment, the Wilson brothers have developed their own highly-respected manufacturing business, making and direct-selling their own reliable and rugged BOTEX ranges of trailers, crane/loaders, grapples and grapple-skidders. Since 1988, over 500 of their crane and trailer combinations have been sold.

Major Forestry Equipment Agents :

Six major Scandinavian firms selling forestry equipment have shown their respect for John, Billy and Ian Wilson, by giving them exclusive agencies in Great Britain. Igland have supplied their forestry winches through Jas. P. Wilson to the United Kingdom market since 1992, and in 1998 the Rottne Group similarly contracted an exclusive United Kingdom agency with the Wilsons.

Reconditioned Equipment of Other Makes :

The skill that has been applied to reconditioning County tractors has also been used to maintain and recondition other machines, either for re-sale after part-exchange, or for in-service maintenance. A sizeable pool of equipment is always available, and Jas. P. Wilson are always willing to help customers the equipment suited for their needs.

Also at...

From 1997, the firm of Jas. P. Wilson have also had a southern depot at Sterts Farm, Coleford in Gloucestershire, England. This offers the range of Jas. P. Wilson services, and has access to the main works' equipment and services.

To Contact Jas. P. Wilson :

Post to :- Industrial Site, Coast Road, Dalbeattie SCOTLAND DG5 4QU.
Telephone : 01556-612233. Fax : 01556-612244. E-mail :
Also at : Jas P. Wilson (Southern Depot), Sterts Farm,
English Bicknor, Coleford, Glos ENGLAND GL16 7NT.
Telephone : 01594-810266. Fax : 01594-810644.

Next Day Spares Delivery in mainland United Kingdom - Payment by Credit Card accepted.

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