Heavy-duty grapple skidder BOTEX Grapple-Skidders :

The cost-effective system for timber extraction for the farmer and small estate. The tractor-mounted skidder can be used to extract or move the timber.

These skidders offer a quick and easy way to move large quantities of timber at a very economical price without the driver having to leave his cab. The grapple connecting link to the main boom is free to rotate with a built in self-aligning action, relieving any stress on the steering and ensuring that the operator retains full control of the tractor. All hoses are 3/8" (10mm.) double-braided with standard BSP fittings.

The tractor is reversed so that the A-frame is just over the end of the load to be transported, the three-point linkage then being able to lift the front part of the whole load clear of the ground. The weight carried is in proportion to the weights fitted to the front of the tractor.

When extracting timber by the general skidding-out of long tree lengths, the grapple is set near the butt end, to allow room for turning and steering the tractor. The grapples are the same successful types used on BOTEX cranes and loaders.

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Examples of the Grapple-Skidder range available

Standard 3-point linkage
Standard 3-point linkage
Extending Boom (3-point linkage)
Extending Boom
(3-point linkage)
Heavy duty grapple-skidder
Heavy duty grapple-skidder
Inverted grapple (Clam Bunk)
Inverted grapple
(Clam Bunk)

Standard 3-Point Linkage model :

Fitted with G.25 grapple which opens to 41" (1050 mm.) between the points and has a 3" (75 mm.) hydraulic ram. Alternatively, one of the following can be fitted :-

G35 min. opening between the points 48" (1220 mm.) 3½" (88 mm.) ram.
G45 min. opening between the points 54" (1370 mm.) 3½" (88 mm.) ram.
G45L min. opening between the points 63" (1600 mm.) 3½" (88 mm.) ram.

Extending Boom 3-Point Linkage model :

Fitted with G.35 grapple which opens to 48 mm. (1020 mm.) between the points and has a 3" (75 mm.) hydraulic ram. Alternatively, one of the following can be fitted :-

G45 min. opening between the points 54" (1370 mm.) 3½" (88 mm.) ram.
G45L min. opening between the points 63" (1600 mm.) 3½" (88 mm.) ram.

Heavy Duty model :

This bolts onto the tractor back axle with adaptor plates (these varying according to tractor type) to give a high ground clearance. The hydraulically-operated boom has a 90° slewing arc, and is powered both up and down. The boom has a housed length of 1.5 metres, going to a full 2.3 metres at full hydraulic extension. The grapple can thus be easily raised to reach brushwood stacks 2 metres high and wide, the grapple compressing this into the one load. The 4-way double-acting spool valve block is protected by a main pressure relief valve. Service line pressure relief valves are also fitted to the slewing and lift rams. A fullprotection guard is fitted to the main lift ram.

Inverted Grapple Skidder (Clam Bunk) :

Open grapple sizes :
Max. width inside jaws 63" (1600 mm.). Max. width between tips 45"(1100 mm.). Depth : 45" (1100 mm.).

This will close completely around a 7" (180 mm.) log. The grapple is operated by two hydraulic rams with balancing links, and one double-acting spool valve is required on the towing tractor. No wires or cables are required. The grapple is mounted on a turntable providing 90° slewing arc to left and right, permitting turning without placing extra strain ob the towing equipment. The grapple mounting also permits 10° forward and 25° rear movement, of importance when crossing slopes, ditches, etc. The turntable is mounted on an 'A' frame chassis 8'3" (2.5 metres) long, supported by a high clearance axle beam fitted with two 400 x 15.5 x 14-ply tyres. There is no limit to the weight or length of timber being skidded, other than the maximum 6.5 tonne loading downward pressure on the grapple.

This inverted grapple-skidder is usually towed behind a forwarding tractor fitted with a roof mounted crane. This crane allows the operator to load and unload the the skidder without leaving the safety of the cab. The inverted grapple-skidder is also suitable for skyline work,where the loads can be dropped directly onto the inverted skidder and then towed and unloaded by any tractor (with or without a fitted crane) to keep the skyline landing area clear. The rear of the chassis is fitted with an extended crossmember specially designed for cab-mounted cranes, to lift the whole skidder assembly off the ground when reversing unloaded up difficult steep terrain.

The Botex Range :

5060 crane loading E14 trailer
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5050 crane on E14 trailer
E14 trailer with 3050 loader/crane
B26 grapple
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