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The Hilltops Method :
Home Schooling for 3 to 7 Year Olds

Your child must have the very best education from an early age, a solid foundation of learning on which later teaching will grow and expand.

All too often, schools fail to develop this love of new knowledge at an early age. In the worst cases, a quiet but able child is overlooked in a rowdy classroom of bored troublemakers. Many parents have decided to educate their children at home, but have found it difficult to reach the standards of nursery and primary education.

You can give your child a good start with the unique 'Program for a Parent' Hilltops Method study scheme to use with your child. This programmed study scheme has been prepared by a professional teacher who has used it to educate her own children, and to run a successful and profitable nursery school.

The Hilltops Method includes :-

The scheme is suitable for children from 3 years old up to 7, filling that vital space before school when a good start pays off in learning skills and understanding new knowledge.

It is particularly recommended for people running a nursery school business, or for helping children with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

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