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Virginia Kearse in her studio

Kearse & Boys :

A Micro Enterprise Growth Assistance Programme - Business Information Technology Enhancement project.

Kearse & Boys is a knitwear design company created by Virginia Kearse and based in the village of Penpoint near Thornhill outside Dumfries. Virginia trained as a fashion designer in Londonwhere she worked as a designer before setting up her own business there. As the business grew, Virginia decided to move to South West Scotland, where she was attracted by the many skilled people in the hand knitting industry and the vast beauty of the Dumfries and Galloway countryside. After a brief pause for maternity reasons, she restarted the business in 1987.

Virginia gains her main inspiration from the colours of the countryside around her studio, varying with the season and the mainly Scottish yarns she uses. She also gains inspiration from her travels in Britain, Europe and the Far East, as a necessary counterpoint to country life. Her finished garments are marketed in London, New York and Tokyo.

The garments are produced for Virginia by a group of skilled knitters trained to the high standards of the company, then sewn together and hand embroidered before washing and finishing. Her knitters work from their homes, ranging from Lockerbie across to Newton Stewart.

The continued growth of the business was the deciding factor for obtaining a computerised administrative system, to handle database building, accounts and mailing. After Virginia Kearse had approached Groundbase with a business plan, a grant was awarded under the MEGABITE programme.

"The assistance from Groundbase has enabled me to purchase computer equipment and employ part time assistance to ease the pressure of administration. This allows me to focus on the key aspects of developing the business and marketing the products." - Virginia Kearse.

Virginia Kearse in her studio Virginia Kearse in her studio.
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