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Cauldron Press - picture being obtained

Cauldron Press :

A Micro Enterprise Growth Assistance and Micro Enterprise Growth Assistance Business Information Technology Enhancement project.

Cauldron Press have been in business since 1995. Based in the rural location of Castle Douglas, the premises are a converted stable block that house a Gallery and an Imaging workshop. Marketing their product under the title of 'Lyrical Scotland', Cauldron Press produce some of the finest photography on Scottish Landscapes.

Alan Wright approached Groundbase with a business development project. After reviewing the project with Allan, Groundbase were able to offer a grant to assist in the purchase of new photographic equipment under the MEGA programme. The new equipment has enabled Alan to improve the quality of images and has provided Cauldron Press with a leading edge in technology to make use of a larger format of photography, therefore increasing their marketability.

Part of the long term project was to take control of the publishing side of the business. Under the MEGABITE programme, a new computer imaging system was purchased. This has proved invaluable to the business by cuttingn the cost of production by up to 25%.
"With the interest shown by Groundbase, you don't feel alone in developing your businees and meeting your objectives. It's good to know the support is there." - Alan Wright.

Cauldron Press - picture being obtained Alan Wright at Cauldron Press.
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