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Cultural and Community Development :
1998 - 1999

Groundbase is part of the LEADER II European Community Initiative to aid business growth, community development and the rural economy across the whole of Dumfries and Galloway. It is a partnership between the European Union, Dumfries and Galloway Council, and Dumfries and Galloway Enterprise, and runs until the year 2000.

Groundbase programmes are designed to complement the services offered by other local agencies such as Dumfries and Galloway Enterprise and the Business Shops to local businesses.

Groundbase introduced a new initiative during its first year - the CULTURAL HERITAGE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME (CHAP),to support and help local musicians, artists and craftspeople, and otherwise promote the Region's heritage and culture.

Details of the above programme are given in Cultural and Community Development : 1995-1997. Other programmes are in place for 1998 -1999.

Groundbase works closely with a number of local Community Initiatives across the Region. Newton Stewart Initiative, Langholm and Eskdale Initiatives, Upper Nithsdale Community Initiative, Luce 2000, Dalbeattie Initiative, Machars Action, South Rhins Community Development Project and Dundrennan Community Inititiative, are all examples of local communities working together for the benefit of their own local areas, with support from Groundbase.

Case Studies :

Network West :
Funding for this Rural Womens' Project.
West Sound 1998-1999 :
Funding for the European Focus series of programmes.
Wigtown Book Town :
Part of the funding package developing Scotland's first Book Town.

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