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Visitor Attraction Enhancement
Programme (VAEP) :
1998 - 1999

With the continuing decline in agriculture across the Region and the recent job losses in the manufacturing sector, the importance of tourism local economy cannot be underestimated. Indeed, almost 10% of the Region's workforce is employed in the tourism sector. In line with the Region's Tourism strategy, Groundbase is supporting the industry with a range of programmes designed to consolidate and enhance existing operations as well as encouraging and developing new initiatives to attract an increasing number of visitors to the area.

During 1995-1997, the various projects run under this programme provided substantial support for the development of tourism accommodation, catering, attraction enhancement, new technology support and sectoral development schemes. More details of this are available in Tourism Development : 1995-1997.

This page details current programmes and illustrates them with recent case studies.


Open to operators of visitor attractions, this programme can assist with the costs of upgrading the quality, presentation and interpretation of the attraction, improving access and facilities for the disabled as well as assisting with marketing and skills training. Discretionary grants of up to 50% may be awarded, to a maximum of £ 10,000.

Aims of the VAEP Programme :

Eligible Groups :

  • Operators of visitor attractions.

Examples of Eligible Projects :

  • Improve access and facilities for the disabled.
  • Upgrade quality of presentation and interpretation.
  • Marketing and staff training.

Discretionary Grants :

  • Up to 50% (excluding Value Added Tax).
  • Maximum grant value £ 5,000.
  • Minimum grant value £ 500.

Comments :

  • New attractions will be considered.

Case Studies :

Wildlife Park, Kirkcudbright :
£ 17,000 under the Visitor Attraction Enhancement Programme to improve the animal care and visitor facilities.
Kirroughtree Visitor Centre :
£ 8,000 under the Visitor Attraction Enhancement Programme to construct the childrens' play area.
Galloway Footwear, Balmaclellan :
£ 5,230 for improvements to access and computer administration system.

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