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Micro Enterprise Growth Assistance
Progamme (MEGA) 1998 - 1999 :

Groundbase is part of the LEADER II European Community Initiative to aid business growth, community development and the rural economy across the whole of Dumfries and Galloway. It is a partnership between the European Union, Dumfries and Galloway Council, and Dumfries and Galloway Enterprise, and runs until the year 2000. Groundbase programmes are designed to complement the services offered by other local agencies such as Dumfries and Galloway Enterprise and the Business Shops to local businesses.

The Groundbase MICRO ENTERPRISE GROWTH ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME (MEGA) has been running for three years and has proved to be a most effective method for supporting business growth, by providing grants to assist with the cost of purchasing machinery and equipoment, and in renovating business premises. To date, over 340 MEGA applications from local businesses have been approved. Grants are awarded on a discretionary basis for up to 30% of eligible project costs.

Dumfries and Galloway's new and small businesses have already benefited from over £ 800,000 Sterling of grant assistance through MEGA. This is detailed further in Business Development 1995-1997. The project is being extended to take account of new benefits from Information Technology (see MEGA-BITE).

Aims of the MEGA Programme :

Eligible Groups :

  • Manufacturing and processing.
  • Downstream activities in farming and forestry.
  • Essential rural services.
  • Other 'added value' industries.
  • Farms.
  • Tourism-related businesses.

Examples of Eligible Projects :

  • New plant, machinery and other equipment.
  • Business property renovation, refurbishment or extension.

Discretionary Grants :

  • Up to 30% (excluding Value Added Tax).
  • Maximum grant value £ 5,000.
  • Minimum grant value £ 500.

Comments :

  • Maximum of 10 full-time staff.
  • Trading for at least 6 months.

Case Studies :

Marrbury Smokehouse :
Funding under MEGA and Self Starters' programme to develop a fish smoking business.
Adams Engineering :
Funding under MEGA to expand light engineering business.
Paterson Landscapes :
Refurbishment of premises and computer design equipment.
A.J. & T. Contractors :
Funding to buy moving and lifting equipment for hard landscaping business.
Associates :
MEGA funding to purchase digital camera equipment.
Nith Valley Embroidery :
MEGA funding for computerised embroidery machine and support equipment.
Brian Carson and Neil Hutchinson PRS Building Contractors, Palnackie :
MEGA funding for workshop extension and new sawmill equipment.
Sid Maybank of Signcraft and the new system SIGNCRAFT, Heathhall :
MEGA funding for purchase of 3D computer Imaging System.

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