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Crows Nest Café, Palnackie :

Funded under the Tourism Catering Support Programme (TCSP).

The Crows' Nest Café at Palnackie is an extension to the existing Post Office / Shop business owned by the husband and wife partnership, John and Marjorie Whiteside. They moved to Palnackie in August 1997 from Wolverhampton, where John (who has an engineering background) spent 25 years with the same company. John and Marjorie were drawn to the area by their search for a new challenge, as well as by the beautiful countryside around the River Urr and the once-bustling harbour of Palnackie.

The Post Office and Shop serves mainly the local residents onf the village. The growing number of tourists in the Region and a desire to further promote the attractions of Palnackie, gave John the inspiration for providing a service on the 'tourist trail' for both local and tourist customers. John approached Groundbase with a plan to convert an existing stock room and to build a small extension into a stylish café reflecting the historic theme of the village. Groundbase were pleased to offer an assistance award under the TCSP scheme.

"The support from Groundbase has enabled us to fulfil the project to the extent that we can offer coffee and home baking or a full three-course meal in a 'mariner' decorated environment. The 'mariner' theme features fishing nets, lanterns and two murals painted by local artists. Without the support from Groundbase, the facility would only be of tea room quality without the desired decorative effect. Since the café opened, we have doubled our turnover and have been able to offer employment to more local people, taking our team up to eight employees." - .

John and Marjorie Whiteside outside the Crows Nest Café, Palnackie.
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