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Places of Sanctity :

The Galloway area was isolated and wild, so attracted the Cistercian Order and other largely-reclusive monastic houses. The modest Dundrennan Abbey was to found two daughter-abbeys, one at Glen Luce (Valle Lucis) and one at New Abbey - Sweetheart Abbey (Dulce Cor). Sweetheart, the foundation of the last Princess of Galloway, was where she placed the heart of her husband John, and was later buried beside it. Glen Luce has the grave of the original James Gordon of Lochinvar, - the 'Young Lochinvar'. Dundrennan had a final role to play when Mary Queen of Scots lost her last battle in Scotland. She fled south, and embarked for England against all the advice of her friends. Had she stayed in Scotland, or gone to France, the histories of England and Scotland would have been very different.

Dundrennan Abbey Sweetheart Abbey Glenluce Abbey St. Ninian's Priory
Soulseat Loch
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