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A Violent and Bloody Past

Castles and tower-houses are grim reminders of a violent past, when Scotland and England were almost annually at war. Between 700 and 1607, the Border Marches of both England and Scotland were wild and lawless, areas were cattle-reiving was rife and 'blackmail' was a tax levied by the lawless on the helpless. It is to be hoped that such times never return.

The McCullochs of Cardoness were almost as evil in reputation as the Black Douglasses of Threave. The McCullochs gained their Barony by murder and rape, were pirates and reivers, had one pair of brothers who robbed their own mother, and the last of the McCullochs of Cardoness was executed on the 'Maiden', - the Scottish ancestor of the guillotine.

The Kerrs of Edingham and Orchardton were less warlike, appearing to have merely used their towers as defences against the lawless. Orchardton is unique, being the only round tower-house in Scotland.

Both Caerlaverock and McLellan's Castle show signs of gracious living as well as a determination to live in security; whilst the Earls of Murray lost their castle to 'slighting', the McLellans may never have finished their town tower-house, and lost their money.

McLellan's Castle
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