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Setting the Scene

Colliston Park
Town Centre
The Minnoch,
Glen Cree
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The Unknown Corner of Scotland

Dalbeattie is in the south-western part of Scotland, an area whose beauty is known only to a few. Most visitors to Scotland flash northwards past Gretna, and are in haste to go north through the Southern Uplands to Glasgow and Edinburgh. There, it seems, is where 'real Scotland' starts. Those who instead go westwards along the A75 will find a wide range of unusual areas of great interest and surprising beauty.

By way of setting the scene, the writer has provided text to explain some of the images. What is not as organised is the weather and the sky-scapes it introduces. Rain, snow or shine, whatever the season, there is always something to draw the eye and stimulate the mind. If you like it, then think of visiting the least-known part of Scotland.


Setting the Scene
A Violent and Bloody Past
Places of Sanctity
War and Peace

Wealth in Stone
Power from Water and Wind
Hills and Trees
A Living by the Sea

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