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Craigadam offers excellent opportunities for stalking Roe Deer, for experienced and novice stalkers. Some 100 Bucks are taken every year and a similar number of does. All stalkers are accompanied by experienced guides, and there is the capacity for up to 5 rifles to be out at any one time.

The Roebuck season is from the 1st April to the 20th of October. In the summer Roebuck season the duration of the stalks is 4 to 5 hours in the morning and 2 to 3 hours in the evening. Winter stalking of does is during the day.

Red Deer stalking in the hills can be offered by special arrangement.

About Deer Hunting... :

The last Bear and the last Wolf in Scotland were killed several hundred years ago. Since that time, the Red, Roe and Fallow Deer, have had no other predator other than the human race. This has led in some areas to the numbers of deer reaching unsustainable numbers. Their foraging has stripped the surface of vegetation, so increasing erosion and other environmental damage. Deer are also a serious problem for forestry; the restoration of the ancient Scottish Pine forests has been hampered by deer eating the recently-planted trees. This is in addition to the losses to plantation larch and spruce needed for sustainable timber production.

Foresters and Countryside Rangers now routinely cull deer in National Parks and National Nature Reserves such as the Cairngorms, to prevent erosion and to maintain the health of the deer population. This also produces a wild harvest of deer-meat (venison) whose sale helps finance the rural population.

Richard Pickup is recognised for training visitors to the high standards of markmanship of the British Deer Society Certificates. The emphasis at Craigadam is on the traditional skills of stalking and woodcraft, with the deer killed with one shot in seconds.

Below are some members of the shooting parties who have taken advantage of the skills and challenges of Craigadam. Each deer was killed with a single shot. Click on the pictures for a larger image.

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