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Bird Watching :

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The farm at Craigadam holds 1300 grazing ewes. Visiting birdwatchers have access to 25,000 acres of farmland, moorland, woodlands and lochs. The good conservation practice required to maintain the sporting estate is also used to encourage the retention of native species. The wide diversity of habitats has encouraged a vast variety of native and migrant songbirds, woodland and moorland birds, many within easy access of Craigadam.

The artist and birdwatcher can find beauty and solitude in the hills, the woods or the cliffs and sands of the Solway Coast. Artists and writers have been working in Galloway ever since the 19th Century, - Hornell of the 'Glasgow Boys' lived in nearby Kirkcudbright and Dorothy L. Sayers set her 'Five Red Herrings' in Galloway.

Nature Reserves :

Dumfries and Galloway has many reserves. Whilst these are well worth visiting, the extensive Forestry Enterprise plantations of Ae Forest, Mabie Forest, Dalbeattie Forest, the Galloway Forest Park woods at Carsphairn, Clatteringshaws and Glen Trool, offer considerable and diverse birdlife. There are also many areas of cliff and inland crag used as nesting sites. The Reserves protect special or extensive areas, often of wetlands. :-

Nature Reserves

[National Trust for Scotland]
[Royal Society for the Protection of Birds]
[Scottish National Heritage]
[Scottish Wildlife Trust]
[Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust]

Species List :

On Craigadam Estate there are a wide variety of bird species, both those commonly seen and others which are becoming rarer throughout Britain. The following list highlights the more interesting species present either inland at Craigadam or on the Solway coast of Dumfries and Galloway in South West Scotland. :-

Species List

[Raptors (and Owls)] [Interesting Waders]
[Wild Fowl (Ducks and Geese)] [Woodland Birds]

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