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Craigadam has sporting access to 25,000 acres of shooting and stalking over farmland, moorland and woodland. Richard and Celia Pickup have together developed a remarkably successful shooting and fishing sporting holiday business.

Craigadam concentrates on three main kinds of sporting activity :-

Bird Shooting

Deer Stalking


Bird Shooting : This is in the form of Driven Shooting, Rough Shooting and Wildfowling.

Deer Stalking : Deer stalking at Craigadam is a highly-skilled activity, undertaken both for rifle and camera. Roe and Red Deer are stalked on foot.

Fishing : This is chiefly Game (Salmon and Trout) fishing and Coarse fishing, with Sea fishing by arrangement.

Craigadam Cracker

Craigadam Shotgun Cartridges

Craigadam Royals

We supply boxes of our shotgun cartridges to visitors and former visitors. Our 'Craigadam Cracker' shotgun cartridges are custom-made for high bird shooting. We also supply 'Craigadam Royals', a custom-made cartridge for everyday shooting. Contact Craigadam for further details and prices and to order.

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