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All established businesses rely upon their good reputation. Here are a range of articles and remarks that visitors have sent to or left at Craigadam. Some of the remarks in the Visitors' Book are literally poetical, others are entirely literary. We hope you find them as entertaining as we have and feel inclined to share the experience.

Farmhouse Holiday Guide : Appraisal by Mr. W.M. Sheaffer, Virginia U.S.A. of Farmhouse code F/83, Mrs. C.J. Pickup, Craigadam.
Date of Holiday Start : 4/08/1998. Date of Appraisal : 1/09/1998.
Appraisal Details :-

Enjoyed tour. Farmhouses very nice, especially No. 83 near Dumfries. It was by far the best one. The dinners were wonderful too, and for this alone I would give them four crowns instead of three !

Letter to Mrs. Jane Buchanan, Scottish Farmhouse Holidays.
From J. Scheck, Highland Tours, Leonberg, Germany.
Datum : 27.10.1998

Dear Jane,
Many thanks for the new 1999 brochures. There seems to be quite an increase in the properties. We were very pleased with our farmhouse stays this September but I would like to say that property Nr. 83 [ Craigadam ] Kirkcudbrightshire was absolutely magnificent in every respect. It was easy to imagine you were in a castle instead of a farmhouse and I am absolutely certain that it would compete easily with any castle or 5 Star hotel. Apart from the most excellent accommodation the food was superb. The hostess was very charming too and hopefully we will be able to return again when we travel up to the Highlands.

Remark on photocopy for Celia Pickup from Jane Buchanan:-
Celia - Many thanks, this is praise indeed from one of our German Agents. J.

31st May 1999 : Mr. & Mrs. Muir, England. :

Enjoyed every moment - exceptional surroundings.

26th May 1999 : Mrs. Baines, Leeds. :

Wonderful as always.

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