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Scottish Cooking :

Dining Room

Winners of the MacAllan 'Taste of Scotland' Award 2001 :

Craigadam won the MacAllan Taste of Scotland 2001 Award. Celia Pickup has been runner-up for the Award in the year 2000 - a sound testimonial to the continuing excellence of her cooking and presentation.

Celia Pickup has developed game cooking at Craigadam into a true 'Taste of Scotland'. The meals are sumptuous, the desserts not for the calorie-conscious, and the setting of the wood-panelled dining room is an encouragement to enjoyment.

The cooking of Celia Pickup is also available to non-residents at events held at Craigadam.

To Whet your Appetite...

...Here are three of the menus that can be enjoyed at Craigadam :-


Smoked Salmon Tartare with Cucumber
Rack of Galloway Lamb with Meaux Mustard
Home-Made Lemon Meringue Ice-Cream
with Chocolate Sauce.

Red Peppers baked with Cherry Tomatoes
Anchovy Fillets and Basil
Medallions of Roe Venison served with Blackberries
Highland Fling Dessert with Home-Made Shortbread.


Wild Duck Patè with Home-Made Bread
Poached Salmon Fillets with an Orange and Wine Sauce
Bread & Butter Pudding.


Below are some examples of the good cheer to be had at Craigadam.

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