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TRANSFORM - the concept

Transform in action

Currently business success depends much on the ability to change rapidly as the market changes and as competition becomes more fierce. The goal of Transform is to equip you with a management and workforce that together can adapt and change faster and easier than your competition. It is therefore an aid to corporate survival and success.

In a live simulation the goals, challenges, problems and emotions are similar to real life. People really know why change is vital because they have powerful experiences at a gut level. In the simulation they also experience what the future will look like and feel like, which then gives a common direction to aim for. Crucially then, Transform helps create an aligned organisation.

Background to Corporate Culture Change

Hearts and Minds :

Many organizations are striving to develop sustainable long term success by becoming more productive, more innovative, more customer oriented and more flexible. Structural reorganizations are not enough to obtain these objectives. The attitudes and behaviours of the people also need to be aligned to these principles. It is people and processes; hearts and minds. Transform addresses both.

The challenge is to assist the change process without the pain and discomfort that often accompanies such change.

The cultural model used in TRANSFORM

Corporate culture in Transform is defined by the following parameters : Formal and informal communications, written and unwritten rules, Chief Executive's behaviour, the values of the organisation, what is measured (with according rewards and punishments), decision-making processes, middle managers' role and external market drivers.

Change Culture - Change Results

The simulation demonstrates that by changing these parameters culture can be transformed. By changing these parameters radically we have developed four distinct cultures that participants can experience. Participants will clearly see the different effects of the different cultures. Effects on output, quality, costs, profitability, innovation, customer focus, morale and motivation, inter-departmental co-operation, stress and taking responsibility will be demonstrated.

TRANSFORM IN OPERATION: Build a transporter bridge

The organizational structure that is represented in Transform consists of top and middle management and workers. Within this structure 10 - 18 participants can take part in the simulation.

The participants form a construction company. Their mission is to construct a working model of the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge. Being a 'hands-on' task, participants get a true feel for the construction task. As the chief executive, one of the managers or workers they are engaged in policy making, managing, planning and actual construction of the bridge. The way in which they work, communicate, and execute their tasks depends on the culture that is simulated. The construction itself is very engaging and the group can keep the finished bridge; it is an experience that is remembered for years.

Work in Progress Finished Transporter Bridges

Inspection by
'Managing Director'

Construction of
Girder Units


Abbey National

100% Relevant

We find out what are your key business issues, and the key changes you need to make for success. Then we build them into the simulation. So participants will experience the same challenges, but in a modeled situation. This process results in participants consistently rating the simulation totally relevant to them personally and the business as a whole.

The Applications

1. Culture Transformation

The simulation is used as a strategic culture change model. It is designed for Board level and functional heads. Participants gain insight and experience in:

2. Management and Leadership Development

Having decided the most appropriate corporate culture and 'programmed' it into the simulation, we can then assess manager's values, beliefs, skills, and behaviour against the desired profile. This approach enables:

3. Conferences

Most conferences have the central objective of communicating the vision, strategy and challenges that are to be faced over the next twelve months. This inevitably involves people changing how they think and how they work. It is also hoped that participants should get to know each other and have a good time. The problem often is how to deliver both these objectives in ways that really excite and stimulate all the delegates.

By using Transform as the central element of the conference and making the key changes that face the organization the theme of the simulation, a conference run by ChangeMasters will be:

At conferences we can run up to four simultaneous simulations, thereby offering a maximum of seventy two participating places.

Clients who have used Transform include Abbey National, Scottish Power, Hydro-Electric, Renfrewshire Enterprise, Central Fire Service and Children First.

TRANSFORM© is only available from ChangeMasters and its licensees.
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Transform Business Simulation


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