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Strategic Improvement Programme

The Strategic Improvement Programme (SIP) is a 12 month programme that encompasses:

In 1996 a survey was carried out for Investors in People UK to identify the business benefits that companies who had achieved IIP recognition were enjoying. The survey compared the financial performances of the 3000 IIP recognized companies against all other companies registering annual accounts to Companies House (80,000).

Some of the conclusions were staggering. The ultimate conclusion was that on average, the typical IIP company made £49,600 additional profit per £1m of turnover. The survey found that they did this because they were able to:

  1. Make their capital work harder
  2. Control their costs better
  3. Produce higher quality and output
  4. Create greater motivation and commitment in their employees

The SIP programme uses Investors in People as its framework (and results in IIP recognition in the UK) but rather than evaluate the business benefits after the programme has finished, it identifies the likely business benefits in advance (and sets targets and objectives for them) and continuously monitors participating companies performance against them.

Investors in People Consultancy

ChangeMasters is working with several of the Enterprise Companies in Scotland and England helping to recruit companies onto the Investors in People Standard and then accelerate those companies through to recognition.

We have a unique 4 step process which enables us to help Enterprise Companies to meet their Investors in People targets:

1. Gaining motivation and commitment from senior management

Transform Business Simulation, based on the principles of Investors in People, gives managers an experience and vision of how an IIP company works, its processes and systems, and most importantly the business benefits that accrue from meeting the IIP standard.

2. Identifying and agreeing the specific business benefits

By conducting a detailed Business Review, the client company is offered a proposal that sets out the actions that would need to be taken to meet the IIP Standard and the business benefits that they would enjoy.

3. Implementing the Strategic Improvement Programme

This sets actions into motions, reviews progress, and links business success to people development.

4. Management support and development

The management team has to develop the understanding and the skills in order to help create the culture and make the IIP processes work to their full extent. This is done through a series of tailor-made workshops that include topics such as performance management and goal setting.

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