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Tipi by North Glen

North Glen Gallery :

Glassblowing and Other Crafts

Postal Address :-
North Glen Gallery, Palnackie, DG7 1PN

Telephone :- 01556 600200.   Fax :- As phone.
E-mail :-
Website :- http://www.tipiglen.dircon.co.uk/

North Glen Gallery & Workshop is the homebase of a loose association of creative folk. Glassblowing in the workshop is augmented by forged copper and lead, stone, wood, leather, found objects, &c.
We are interested in temporary shelters and constructions using locally gathered and internationally scavenged materials.

Contact details:-
We are at Palnackie on the Glen Road past the Post Office down and across the river from Dalbeattie on the A711.
OPEN YEAR ROUND from about 10 a.m. most days until after dark. It is often wise to phone in advance to check if demonstrations are in progress.

Enquiries can also be forwarded by e-mail through :- business@dalbeattie.com

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