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Saga Hotel, Poros, Greece

Saga Hotel, Poros, Greece
Proprietors : Zefi and Takis Alexopoulos.
Saga Hotel, Studios and Apartments, Poros Island, 180 20 Greece
Tel. : (+30) 22980 25400, (+30) 22980 42872. Mobile : (+30) 6974 9033239.
Fax: (+30) 22980 25751. E-mail :
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Travelling to Poros :

  • Air flight to Athens Airport.
  • Taxi or Bus to Piraeus.
  • Ferry or 'Flying Dolphin' Hydrofoil to Poros.
  • Bus Service from Athens to Galatas via Corinth.
  • Water Taxi between Galatas to Poros.
  • Hiring a Car in Galatas.
  • Saga Hotel management of the transfers.

Cruise Ship 'Hermes' passing Daskalio Island, Poros, Greece
Cruise Ship 'Hermes' passing Daskalio Island

Travelling to the Saga Hotel, Poros ...
(Information 2006, with 2008 amendments - e-mail Saga Hotel for updates)

Our guests normally arive in Greece at Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos), having arranged the flight there themselves. To reach Poros involves a bus or taxi trip to the ferry terminal in Piraeus and a ferry journey to Poros harbour. The Hotel will arrange to collect you and your luggage from the harbour. We can also arrange for all the transfers and tickets from the airport to your arrival at the Saga Hotel - contact us for more information on this service. Our Oneira Luxury Apartments in Athens can be rented for a stopover if you want more than a day trip to Greece's capital.

X96 at Piraeus Docks Gate E8
X96 (now stops opposite Lanes Line building)

Flying Dolphin in Piraeus Harbour
Flying Dolphin in Piraeus Harbour

Athens Airport and Ferry Map for Poros
Airport and Ferry Map for Poros

(Original on

Map of Poros showing Askeli and Galatas
Map of Poros showing Askeli and Galatas
(Click on image for larger and clearer map)

1. : Flights to Athens Airport :

Most of the major international airlines have flights into Athens, details of those airlines with offices there being on the Athens International Airport website which also gives details of airport fees.
Globespan no longer flies to Athens from Glasgow, but KLM and Brussels Airways go from Newcastle Airport via Amsterdam. Easyjet fly to Athens from Luton, with last-minute budget deals. Or you can take British Airways at greater cost.

2. : Transfer from Athens Airport to Piraeus Ferry Terminal :

You have a choice of the 'Yellow Taxi' service or the Airport Express bus service. The taxis go from the Airport terminal, take about 30 minutes and cost € 40 per person. The four X96 Airport Express buses run every 20 minutes from 0500 (5 a.m.) to 1900 (7 p.m.) and every 30 to 40 minutes from 1900 to 0500, costing € 3.20 per person for the single journey. You may buy tickets from the blue and yellow ticket outlets of the validation machines or from the bus driver. Remember that the ticket must be validated by putting it in the bus's machine (orange box) when you get on, or you will risk a € 30 fine. The stop at the Piraeus Docks end is a short walk across a public garden with an impressive statue, to the Gates E into the Docks area. All-night cafes by the gates make it possible to wait in comfort for the first ferries of the morning. Note that the booths for the Poros and Aegina ferries are inside the dock fence opposite where these ferries are moored.

One excellent feature of the bus service is that you have unlimited use of the Bus, Trolley-Bus and Metro services of Athens, for 24 hours from the date and time stamped upon the ticket. This is an excellent deal for those wanting a stopover in Athens before going onwards to Poros. You will have to get the ticket stamped/validated twice to use this service. However, you would have to buy another ticket to return to the airport.

3. : Piraeus Ferry Terminal to Poros Harbour :

There are two choices of ferry - standard ferry (2 hours) for € 11 per person, or the hydrofoil and catamaran service (1 hour) for € 24 per person. The high-speed surface-skimming 'Flying Dolphin' and 'Flying Cat' services are rightly considered an exhilarating experience in themselves, as they race across the Saronic Gulf south to Poros. Both classes of ferry operate late into the evening but there is no night service. The Saga Hotel prefers to use the hydrofoil service when arranging transfers to Poros from the airport, mainly because the ferries cannot be booked in advance.

4 : Bus Service from Athens via Piraeus to Galatas and back :

This service began in late 2006. It costs € 8 per person and takes two hours from Galatas to Piraeus and a further half hour to Athens city. The service is Monday to Sunday, leaving Athens 07:00, stopping in Piraeus at 7:30 and arriving in Galatas at 09:30. Another bus on the same route leaves Athens at 15:30, stopping in Piraeus at 16:00 and arriving in Galatas at 18:00 (6 p.m.). From Galatas it leaves at 06:00, 11:15 and 18:00 Monday to Friday, with on Saturdays an 11:15 service and on Sundays 11:15 and 19:30. This is the Winter 2006 service - probably better for some people than the ferries. Times won't change much, but check the timetable at the ticket kiosk before boarding.

5. : Touring the Peloponnesus (Argolis) from Poros :

Poros being on an island, there is a reliable 24-hour water-taxi service to the mainland harbour of Galatas, about 300 metres from the island. Galatas is where there are more banks, hotels and tavernas than are present on Poros itself. Cars can be hired in Galatas for touring the Peloponnesus. There is an excellent road north-west to Corinth, so the famous classical theatre at Epidavros is in easy reach. Elsewhere in Argolis (the part of the Peloponnesus closest to Poros) there is the legendary home of Theseus at Trizina (Troezene). From Corinth one can drive northwest towards Delphi or Olympia, or east towards Athens, although the ferries offer a rapid service. A reliable bus service runs to Nauplion (Navplio) and onwards towards Argolis.


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