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Saga Hotel, Poros, Greece

Saga Hotel, Poros, Greece
Proprietors : Zefi and Takis Alexopoulos.
Saga Hotel, Studios and Apartments, Poros Island, 180 20 Greece
Tel. : (+30) 22980 25400, (+30) 22980 42872. Mobile : (+30) 6974 9033239.
Fax: (+30) 22980 25751. E-mail :
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All About Poros :

  • A small island in the Saronic Gulf off the Peloponnese.
  • One hour by hydrofoil ferry from Athens.
  • Attractions include:-
    • Poros harbour and marina.
    • Love Bay.
    • Daskalio Island - the Birthplace of Eros.
    • Russian Bay.
    • The Poros mermaid.
    • Poros Clocktower.
    • Zoodochos Pighi monastery.
    • Sandy beaches and sea sports centres.
    • A wide range of excellent Tavernas and cafes.
  • Poros has various annual festivals, notably Easter and the New Year.

Zoodochos Pighi Monastery from the north entrance
Zoodochos Pighi Monastery from the north entrance

Welcome to Poros and the Saga Hotel...

Poros is a beautiful island an hour from Athens, the Saga Hotel being one of its most notable hotels. Zefi and Takis Alexopoulos are an enterprising and warm-hearted couple who have succeeded in creating a modern hotel in which the guests feel part of the family. In this page, there is a brief description of the island and some of its attractions, with links to further sources of information.

An Introduction to Poros...

The island of Poros is two islands, Sferia and Kalavria, separated by the Canali. Poros town is on Sferia, Kalavria being the forested main island, with its steep slopes and sandy beaches. There is a very much smaller heart-shaped island 100 metres off Sferia, Daskalio - the birthplace of Eros - with a small church at its centre. It is just one of the features that make Poros such a suitable place for romance and marriage.

Love Bay is another remarkable place fit for blessings and honeymooners, its beach and seats popular with visitors seeking either romance or a special moment in their marriage. It has been so for at least a hundred years - maybe longer.

Poros town has a number of attractive features. The waterfront is often full of visiting yachts and small fishing boats, with above it the clock tower that is a part of the town's history. Down beside the water there is a mermaid fountain, a simple but beautiful sculpture that sums up the feeling of love, fun and the joy of the sea.

Love Bay, Poros, Greece
Love Bay

Island of Daskalio air view, Poros, Greece
Island of Daskalio

The Mermaid of Poros, Greece
The Mermaid of Poros at sunset

The now-ruined Temple of Poseidon on the top of Kalavria is a classical reminder of the island's legendary status as the home of that God of the Sea; the temple site offers excellent views across the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea.

The Greek Orthodox church has some beautiful buildings to look at, the Zoodochos Pighi Monastery being the best known, but there are other beautiful churches and chapels in the area, none out of use, even that on Daskalio seeing regular services.

Easter is an important annual festival in Greece, Poros being noted for its enjoyment of this event. Various boat festivals occur during the year, which is finished (and begun) by the New Year with presents and a tree in the town square.

Naval College, Poros
Naval College, Poros.

Poros & the Naval College at Night
Poros at Night

Russian Bay, Poros, Greece
Russian Bay

The Greek Navy has the good taste to have its most celebrated Naval College at Poros, which in 1830 was the first naval base of the Greek Navy. The neat and rather beautiful Naval College building is right on the waterfront beside the covered naval docks area and can be clearly seen from the Saga Hotel. Naval cadets from all over Greece who have done best in their initial training are rewarded with a course at Poros.

Russian Bay and its deepwater anchorage is now a yacht haven, but up to 1917 and the Russian Revolution it was a naval station for units of the Imperial Russian Navy. Little now remains except the name and a few ruins, but the bay is worth visiting.

As has been indicated, the island is a popular place for yachts touring the islands of the Aegean, being an excellent small ship harbour, but it is equally popular with cruise ships and as a sea sports centre.

The wildlife of Poros is quite impressive. Semi-tropical and mediterranean species of flowers grow wild on Poros that would only be found as garden centre plants outside Greece. The most remarkable feature is probably the large number of wild land tortoises in the hills and woods of the northern side of Kalavria.

Poros Harbour, Poros
Poros Harbour.

Sunset near Neorio, Poros, Greece
Sunset near Neorio

Wild Tortoise, Poros, Greece
Wild Tortoise

Also see our Poros Links page for further information on Poros. A printable list of some Tavernas on Poros essential official numbers and other services is given on our sister site, the Poros 2006 Blog, so bookmark these links for future reference. The writer can particularly recommend the Rota, Spiros and Posidonis Tavernas for fish, the Corner and Alsos Cafes for pork wraps and the Cinema Cafe for an excellent conclusion to the evening.


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