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Saga Hotel, Poros, Greece

Saga Hotel, Poros, Greece
Proprietors : Zefi and Takis Alexopoulos.
Saga Hotel, Studios and Apartments, Poros Island, 180 20 Greece
Tel. : (+30) 22980 25400, (+30) 22980 42872. Mobile : (+30) 6974 9033239.
Fax: (+30) 22980 25751. E-mail :
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Saga Hotel Index

Saga Hotel : Welcome

- to the Saga Hotel, Poros

Saga Hotel : Accommodation

- Hotel studios and apartments

Saga Hotel : Prices & Bookings
Prices and Bookings

and Currency Converter.

Saga Hotel : Travel
Travelling to Poros

- Flights, buses, ferries...

Saga Hotel : About Poros
All About Poros

- Sun, peace, tavernas and attractions.

Saga Hotel : Tours
Tours from Poros

- Visits to Epidauros, Mycenae, Troezene and Athens.

Saga Hotel : Weddings
Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Blessings and Weddings

by the Saga Hotel

Saga Hotel : Greek Easter
A Greek Easter in Poros

- A week's package holiday at the Saga.

Saga Hotel : Alexopoulos Family
About Our Family

Saga Hotel : The Organic Farm
Saga Organic Farm

The Blogs and Poros History

Poros 2006
Poros 2006 : A June Week at the Saga Hotel.
Local info and laughs.

Poros 2007
Poros 2007 : Greek History (Ancient and Modern)
in a September fortnight.

Poros 2010
Poros 2010 : Our Volcanic June Fortnight.
(Watch this space!)

Poros History
History of Poros & Trizina Area and
Historic Sites in Central Greece

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Welcome to Poros and the Saga Hotel...
Poros is a beautiful island an hour by ferry south of Athens, the Saga Hotel being one of its most notable hotels. Zefi and Takis Alexopoulos are an enterprising and warm-hearted couple who have succeeded in creating a modern hotel in which the guests feel part of the family. The food served at the hotel includes organic produce from their own farm on the mainland, whilst in Athens itself they have apartments where visitors can stay to visit the classic treasures such as the Acropolis.
We have organised this website according to the information, you, our guests, need to know. We look forwards to seeing you, this year and in the future. Please click on the above links for further information.


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