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Saga Hotel, Poros, Greece

Saga Hotel, Poros, Greece
Proprietors : Zefi and Takis Alexopoulos.
Saga Hotel, Studios and Apartments, Poros Island, 180 20 Greece
Tel. : (+30) 22980 25400, (+30) 22980 42872. Mobile : (+30) 6974 9033239.
Fax: (+30) 22980 25751. E-mail :
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About Our Family :

  • Takis and Zefi own the Saga Hotel in Poros.
  • They also own the Oneiro Suite Apartment Hotel in Athens.
  • Takis also runs a building development, joinery and glazing business.
  • The family farm near Galatas provides food and drink for the Hotel. More on this>>>
  • Takis's younger brother Constantinos operates a tour firm.
  • Their elder brother Stathis is also in the holiday business.
  • Their mother had her own travel firm but has now retired.
  • Their father was a Greek Orthodox priest but is also retired.
  • Takis and Zefi have a son and two daughters.
  • Constantinos married Zoe in 2004.

Takis & Zefi Alexopoulos, Dimitra, Panayotta (Yota) and Giorgios (Yorgi)
Takis & Zefi Alexopoulos, Dimitra,
Panayotta (Yota) and Giorgios (Yorgi)

Welcome to the Alexopoulos Family...

Greek families are close in both their work and their leisure, that of the Alexopoulos family being no exception. This page has been compiled from a number of sources, as an illustration and an explanation of the warm-hearted and quietly efficient family behind the Saga Hotel and associated businesses.

The family Alexopoulos are well established in the travel industry. Although his father used to be a priest, Takis's mother runs her own travel firm. Their three sons are in different but complementary sides of the travel and hotel business. Stathis, the eldest, runs a hotel business, Takis has the Saga Hotel on Poros and the Oneiro Suite Apartment Hotel in Athens, also a farm 'Villa Zefi' in the hills behind Galatas. The youngest brother, Constantinos, runs a successful tour business; he and Zoe married in 2004, a picture from their wedding is at the head of the weddings page, with a small cameo of his father.

Takis runs Greek Properties, a thriving building development and joinery business, making doors and windows and fitted kitchens, as well as organising building plots and constructing homes on them for his clients. It is common in Greece for people to have several different jobs, Zefi herself managing the hotel, her family and the farm with ease and skill.

Takis and Zefi have three children - the daughters Dimitra and Panayotta (Yota) in their teens and the son Giorgios, now about seven. Dimitra is at University, her brother and sister can be seen at home and round the hotel.

Takis Alexopoulos
Takis Alexopoulos
Takis and Papa Alexopoulos
Takis and Papa Alexopoulos
Georgi and the Medal
Georgi and the Medal

Zefi loves to cook and she is known for her hospitality; a guest's a birthday will be celebrated with a barbecue and a birthday cake out of the sheer enjoyment of it. The British and French three-course meal is not popular in Greece, which is why many visitors self-cater, but Greek cooking has its own charm - generally a course of fresh produce simply cooked with a lot of salad. The Saga Hotel poolside bar therefore serves single course meals without starters or puddings. Salads are normally eaten as a separate starter course before the main course.

The whole concept of puddings or sweet courses is not common in Greece - they are considered special festival treats, in the way a British or American visitor would consider a Christmas, Birthday or Wedding cake. This is why the wedding sweet is a special matter and an important part of the wedding packages Zefi offers. The teeth and health of Greek children is likely to be better than British and American ones, simply because of this attitude to sweets. At some stage, Zefi may run Greek Cooking courses - maybe with a list of recipes on this site.

The Oneiro Suite Apartment Hotel in Athens reflects the almost classical delight of wealthy Greeks in a place in the town and a place in the country - there are references in the classical Greek plays to this. Oneiro is in the wealthy suburb of Ano Glyfada, on the hills above down-town Athens - cooler in summer and so very sought after. Takis's mother and father now live there in one apartment, enjoying their retirement.

Takis's pride and joy is definitely the farm in the hills above Galatas. He is said to produce some of the largest and sweetest olives in the Pelopennese, cooking with them and their oil. His vines produce rather good grapes, these being a delight on their own or made into white and rosé wine, bottled under the 'Saga' label for general use in the Hotel.

Zefi's Marvellous Moussaka
Zefi's Marvellous Moussaka
Saga Hotel - Zefi in the Poolside Bar
Zefi in the Poolside Bar
Zefi's delicious lemon cakes
Zefi's delicious lemon cakes

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