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Poros 2007 -
Our September Fortnight in Greece

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Information Sources used in the Composition of This Website

Introduction :

The composition of the History of Poros & Trizina Area and Historic Sites in Central Greece website involved a lot of Internet searching and reading of published texts, some not generally available and others now out of print. The writer has decided to assemble a list of those references which were of particular interest, to assist students and academic scholars to debate any uncertainties. Histories are (or should be) an assembly of the most accurate information to hand.

Written Documents...

Published Pamphlets :

Books :

Other Papers :

Internet Sites...

Websites on the History of Greece :

Websites on Poros :

Websites on Major Historical Sites :

Personal Accounts...

Frances McCallum and her husband Dennis have lived in the Poros area for a number of years, so were able to help with some pictures and details. Frances found out where the cannon at Poros, Hydra and Spetses, had been salvaged from, namely in the sea offshore of the Poseidon Taverna. She has also made a number of comments about the two blog websites, correcting inaccuracies caused by my not being able (as yet) to read Greek. The Mycenaean Bridge near Ligourio I was told about by Dennis McCallum.

Observations by the Author in Poros...

Most of these are given in the accompanying Poros 2007 Blog. There are a few thoughts not recorded there which are in this Historic website's pages on the individual sites visited. Most of these thoughts can be analysed by looking at the photographs. Regrettably, no picture was taken of the Russian Bay well and the majority of the Epidauros Asklepieion was not visited. Future visits in 2009 and subsequently may help to iron out any discrepancies and allow further research.


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