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Great Theatre of Asklepieios at Epidauros

Poros History -
History of Poros & Trizina Area and
Historic Sites in Central Greece

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Welcome to the Poros History Website :

Introduction :

The islands that make up Poros have a recorded history going back almost three thousand years, with archaeological evidence for a further 2,000 years in the Poros Museum. For this reason, the island is an excellent illustration both of ancient Greece and of the history of the modern Greek nation, Hellas. The writer has discovered that at this time there is no decent online history of the Poros and Trizina area. The objectives of this site are as follows :-

The maximum use is made of sites within Poros and Trizina to illustrate the history, but sites in Athens, Aegina, Nauplion, Mycenae and Epidauros are also suggested as illustration. The Poros 2006 and 2007 websites provide examples of the kind of visits achievable from Poros.

Please Note - As work is in progress, some links and pages may not yet be complete.

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